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Striving to achieve harmony with society

The challenge goes on - for progress in technology and for people

"We will be the world leader in technology." In 1959, a little known manufacturer participated for the first time in the Isle of Man TT Races, at the time the world's top motorcycle competition. That manufacturer, Honda of course, captured its first World Grand Prix victory in 1961. Honda next set its sights on car racing, capturing its first victory in 1965 at the pinnacle event of Formula One Grand Prix racing with only 11 races under its belt. Since then, Honda has pursued numerous racing challenges, with the intent of developing truly innovative technologies and cultivating excellent engineers through the process. Because motorsports are about tackling challenges on uncharted waters while keeping dreams and initiatives high, motorsports are indeed the origin of Honda's challenging spirit.

MotoGP (2013 Grand Prix of the Americas)

In the 2013 season, Honda captured the triple crown of riders, constructors, and team championships in the MotoGP class of the FIM Road Racing World Championship—the pinnacle of world motorcycle racing. MotoGP (Grand Prix of the Americas, 2014 edition)

Applying technologies refined at the pinnacle of racing to automobiles and motorcycles for everyone

"Unless we compete in races, we can't improve our motorcycles and automobiles." With the goal of applying technologies refined through the ultimate challenge of racing to create better mass-production vehicles, Honda continues to compete in a wide range of races around the world. In 2014, Honda has entered the NSX Concept-GT in the GT 500 class of the SUPER GT Series, then in 2015, Honda will return to the stage of the Formula One Grand Prix after a seven-year absence.

World Touring Car Championship (2013 Morocco)

SUPER GT (2014: Fuji International Speedway)

Giving everyone a chance to create, participate and enjoy

Since 1981, Honda has hosted the Honda Econopower National Competition in Japan, which has turned into a popular event where competitors challenge the limits of fuel efficiency by showing how far their handcrafted vehicles can travel on one liter of gasoline. Since 2010, when the name of the event was changed to Honda Eco Mileage Challenge, the competition has also been held in other countries, including Thailand, China and Vietnam. Honda will continue to support a broad array of events offering everyone a chance to participate as a main player.

Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (2012 Japan)

Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (2013 Japan)

Dedicated to promoting a flourishing mobility culture

Honda opened Suzuka Circuit in 1962 and Twin Ring Motegi in 1997. While contributing to the development of motorsports through racing, Honda has also conveyed the fun of mobility to a large number of people through a wide range of events, facilities and programs that everyone can experience and enjoy.

World Championship Round12 Grand Prix of JAPAN(1963 at Suzuka Circuit)

First Japanese Grand Prix of World Championship (1963 at Suzuka Circuit)

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