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Striving to achieve harmony with society

Building a society where everyone can pursue their dreams

There are precious things and values in life that Honda wants to pass on to the next generation, including abundant nature, the fun of envisioning dreams and creating things, and a safe mobile society. Based on its corporate principles, Honda has long cherished its extensive ties to local communities through corporate citizenship activities and will continue a wide range of activities in collaboration with local residents.

Honda Beach Clean-up Project

Since 2006, Honda has conducted the Honda Beach Clean-up Project using a Beach Cleaner originally developed by Honda in hopes that future generations of beachgoers will be able to enjoy the pleasures of walking barefoot in the sand. Project participants have cleaned more than 100 beaches throughout Japan, and have carried out activities in areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 to assist in the restoration efforts. March 2015 saw project participants conduct clean-up activities on the Futuro Beach in Brazil.

Together for Tomorrow

Together for Tomorrow

This symbol captures the Honda philanthropy approach of striving to create communities that can realize dreams by working together.

Passing on the joy of giving shape to dreams to the next generation

The Children’s Idea Contest was started in 2002, arising from the vision of enabling children to experience how important and how fun it is to tackle challenges in pursuit of their own dreams. This initiative for supporting the growth of children has since spread overseas, with the event held in Thailand since 2005 and in Vietnam since 2008.

Children’s Idea Contest

Children’s Idea Contest

Forest planting to help support livelihoods in local areas

Honda started a tree-planting project in Vietnam in 2013. Along with reforestation, another purpose of the project has been to create employment and a viable industry in mountainous areas, where timber is an important source of income, and to help reduce poverty. In cooperation with local residents, Honda will continuously manage and protect the forests, with a plan to start lumber production in 2020.

Tree-planting project in Vietnam

Tree-planting project in Vietnam

Developing healthy forests for local areas and the next generation

Honda has promoted the HondaWoods initiative in and around individual operation bases in Japan, with the aim of creating forests that give joy to everyone. Actively tending by people, including tree thinning and rejuvenation of trees (regeneration of budding) in accordance with the surrounding environment, it is possible to promote healthy cycles of various trees and to grow youthful forests with unique characteristics.

Honda Wood's

Honda philanthropy: Basic principles

  • As a company with a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of local communities around the world through our products and technologies.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we will deepen our commit ment to all local communities where we do business.
  • We will contribute to the nurturing of a society where caring and energetic individuals actively participate in socially responsible activities.
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