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Striving to achieve harmony with society

Environmental and safety vision

Realizing "the joy and freedom of mobility" and a "sustainable society where people can enjoy life"

Through mobility, new encounters and cultures are created and people’s lives become more enjoyable. Automo- biles and motorcycles are vehicles that help carry people’s happiness to other places, but Honda believes that such happiness should not come at the expense of the Earth’s environment or by hurting someone. In its wish to ensure a sustainable society in which everyone can genuinely feel at ease and freely move wherever they wish, Honda maintains an active set of environmental and safety initiatives.


Through this global environmental symbol, Honda wants to pass on the “joy and freedom of mobility to the next generation” (for our children), therefore, the company wants to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life (blue skies). This slogan continues to represent Honda’s passion toward this environmental commitment which has not wavered and will remain resolute in the future.

wind power generation facility

In November 2014, Honda began operation of the first wind power generation facility for an automaker in Brazil. The wind farm generates approximately 95,000 MWh of electricity per year, supplying the annual electricity needs for Honda automobile production in Brazil. Through this initiative, Honda expects to be able to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2,200 tons annually.

Safety for Everyone

Honda aims to ensure safety for everyone who shares the road, by communicating knowledge on safety and the skills for safe driving and riding to as many people as possible through safety education, by developing advanced vehicle technologies, and by promoting telecommunication networks for the mutual exchange of safety information.

People, Technology, Communications

Traffic safety course for preschoolers and grade schoolers

Traffic safety course for preschoolers and grade schoolers

Our wish to leave Blue Skies for Our Children

“Generate,” “Use” and “Get connected” to help create a hydrogen society

To always share the joy of mobility, Honda carries out R&D with a comprehensive approach toward realizing a hydrogen energy society. Honda’s overall hydrogen-based system is comprised of the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS), a simple and user-friendly packaged hydrogen station unit that is equipped with Honda's unique high-pressure water electrolysis system; a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that emits only water, with no exhaust gas emissions; and an external power feeding device that can function, in an emergency, as a mini power plant that generates and provides electricity to homes and public facilities.

The Honda Environment Statement (announced in 1992):
As a responsible member of society whose task lies in the preservation of the global environment, the company will make every effort to contribute to human health and the preservation of the global environment in each phase of its corporate activity. Only in this way will we be able to count on a successful future not only for our company, but for the entire world.

Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) / Honda Power Exporter Concept: an external power feeding device / Honda fuel cell vehicle (FCV) concept car

Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) / Honda Power Exporter Concept: an external power feeding device / Honda fuel cell vehicle (FCV) concept car

Aiming to ensure “Safety for Everyone” who shares the road

Developing safety in talent, facilities, and software

Taking a people-first approach of “passing on safety education fromperson to person” and “practical, hands- on education,” Honda has been promoting safe riding/driving since 1970 and recently extended its safety training beyond dealers and Traffic Education Centers. In close ties with local communities and governments, Honda has actively offered a wide variety of places and opportunities to further promote traffic education. Outside of Japan as well, Honda has carried out initiatives rooted in each country and region, which include safety education and training programs, awareness-raising activities, and the training of local instructors.

Traffic safety education (Thailand)

Traffic safety education (Thailand)

Toward the goal of realizing a society where people do not have traffic accidents

Based on analysis of past traffic accidents, Honda has achieved progress in the safety technologies it has developed and accumulated, further enhancing their functions, creating state-of-the-art driver-assistive systems for safe driving called Honda SensingTM or AcuraWatchTM, depending on the model.* The millimeter-wave radar is capable of measuring the positions and speeds of objects even far away, and the monocular camera has excellent detection of the shapes and sizes of various objects. By combining the radar and camera, the system boasts highly precise detection functions, and works in coordination for optimal control of the brakes and steering. Carefully recognizing the current conditions surrounding the car, the system helps ensure safe and comfortable driving, actively assisting in collision avoidance if necessary. Honda will gradually install this system on a wide range of models, infused with the company’s commitment toward ultimately achieving zero accidents.

* Called Honda Sensing on Honda brand models, and AcuraWatch on Acura models

Image diagram of the Honda Sensing / AcuraWatch system

Image diagram of the Honda Sensing / AcuraWatch system

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