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General Purpose Engines

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Honda annually manufactures approximately five million general-purpose engines in six countries and provides them to 86 countries around the world as the power sources for various machines used in construction, industry, agriculture, home use lawn moving and gardening equipment, as well as various handheld devices including hedge trimmers.

The low fuel consumption, high output and compact size of the commercial-grade GX engines have made them the best sellers engine, with cumulative production since 1983 over 40 million units. There are seven models, ranging from 118 to 389 cm3 in total displacement. The overhead valve (OHV) mechanism and inclined cylinder . both world’s firsts*1 in general-purpose engines . later became the industry standard. The GX engines are continually being refined to achieve even higher fuel economy while upgrading output and versatility. Many people expect that the new i-GX engine with a unique Honda’s original STR governor will set a new world standard for its capability to respond to even more complicated work. The home use GC/GCV OHC engines adopted an internal (immersed) timing belt for the first time in the world*2, incorporated new materials, and reduced the number of parts to achieve both high environmental performance and low prices. A mini 4-stroke engine adopting oil-mist lubrication was developed as a handheld device power source, changing the paradigm that only 2-stroke engines could be used for work at virtually any angle. The GP engine is Honda’s first light use engine for emerging nations.

*2 Honda internal research.

Approximately 70% of the general purpose engines manufactured by Honda are supplied as OEM engines to other manufacturers of power products. We have over 3,600 OEM customers in 86 countries around the world. The many products with the emblem "Powered by Honda" attest to the reliability of Honda power product engines.

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Honda was one of the first companies to develop environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines.

Honda was one of the first companies to develop environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines.
Honda was one of the first companies to develop environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines.
Honda’s first general-purpose H type engine (released in 1953) was a 2-stroke 50cc engine, the same as the norm for the industry at that time.
However, during the development process of this engine, Soichiro Honda, the founder of the company, believed that “Not all people would accept a 2-stroke engine because it is hard to use, smells, emits smoke, and that general-purpose engines must be 4-stroke.” All Honda general-purpose engines, from the second T type engine onward, have been 4-stroke engines that feature superior combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption and clean exhaust emissions.

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