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November 30, 2010

Honda Exhibits World Premiere of Honda BRIO Prototype, Honda's New Small Vehicle Developed for Asian Markets at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo 2010


BRIO Prototype World Premiere Video (05:02)

Released: November 30, 2010 Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, speaks at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo

Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, speaks at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo

Good afternoon everyone. It is my great pleasure to be here in Bangkok for the world debut of a new model that is critical to our business in Asia.

Today, we will show the world premiere of the Honda Brio Prototype … a new model for Asia that is one class smaller than the City and Jazz. This Honda Brio Prototype features an advanced design that offers a compact package and a spacious passenger cabin.

This new small vehicle was developed for both the Thai and Indian markets. Thus, the basic design is the same for both countries. However, we have tailored this vehicle to create the best product to match customer needs in each market. The prototype we exhibit today is the Thai model offering high fuel efficiency to qualify as an Eco-car.

Honda has supported the Thai government Eco-car project from the very beginning … to promote the increased use of fuel-efficient vehicles. To improve fuel economy we have adopted our latest technologies and made the vehicle more lightweight.

Our goal with the Honda Brio Prototype is to create a small car that will make our Thai customers want to own an Eco-car.

In India, we have a strong passion to reach a wider customer base for our products and services. To accomplish this we have focused on creating an attractive package at an affordable price. Based on the strength of our experience with motorcycle business in India, we are making exhaustive efforts to increase local content to more than 80 percent. This includes use of high quality, local steel. And we will adopt more local components, including the expansion of powertrain production in India.

In terms of timing, we will introduce the mass-production model in Thailand in March 2011 … with a starting price of about 400-thousand baht. In India, we aim to launch within 2011 … with a starting price of less than 500-thousand rupee.

Further, we are considering the export of these models from Thailand and India to other markets in this region.

Utilizing the experience gained from our motorcycle operations here in Asia, we would like to expand the joy of owning vehicles to more and more customers in this region by introducing an affordable, small sized vehicle.

With the Honda Brio Prototype and other new products, we will continue the effort to maximize the joy of our customers, with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions. In this way, we will provide our customers in Asia … and around the world … with convenient and fun products that only Honda can provide.

Thank you again for joining us. And I want to express our sincere gratitude for your interest in the progress of Honda in Asia. Thank you.

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