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AutomobileOctober 8, 2010

Honda Begins Sales of All-New Fit and Fit Hybrid in Japan

TOKYO, Japan, October 8, 2010 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. begins sales in Japan of a newly refreshed Fit model together with the all-new Fit Hybrid, a new addition to the Fit lineup.

Fit 13 G Smart Selection (FWD/CVT)   Fit Hybrid

Fit 13 G Smart Selection (FWD/CVT)

Fit Hybrid

The popular Fit lineup has been highly acclaimed for unique features that include a spacious cabin made possible by highly-efficient packaging technologies that leverage Honda's innovative center tank layout, flexible seating configurations, and excellent fuel economy.

Based on the development concept of "enhancing the fundamental qualities of the vehicle" and "expanding ownership value" for the customer, the Fit received a refresh to further improve the fuel economy and utility of the base Fit model types 13 G/13 L. For both the 15 X type, which offers a more upscale look and feel, and the sporty RS type, the unique characteristics of each model were further enhanced.

The newly-added Fit Hybrid will be offered at the starting price of 1.59 million yen*1, making it the most affordable of all Honda hybrid vehicles. The battery for the hybrid system*2 is located under the rear cargo area which enables the Fit to share the same flexible seating configurations as the rest of the lineup without sacrificing interior comfort that is unique to Fit. This also made it possible to achieve excellent fuel economy of 30km/liter*3 without sacrificing the enjoyable drive feel.

Since the introduction of Fit in June 2001, cumulative sales in Japan reached the 1.5 million-unit mark in September 2010. Fit is currently produced at ten production plants in eight countries/regions including Japan and is sold in approximately 115 countries. The model has been appraised by customers around the world and cumulative global sales exceeds 3.5 million units*4.

*1 MSRP (including consumption tax)
*2 IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) which consists of PCU (Power Control Unit) and a battery.
*3 Figures for Fit Hybrid, based on results of 10-15 mode fuel-efficiency testing by Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*4 Honda's internal data. The number includes sales of the model sold under the name Jazz.

♦ Key features of Fit

<13 G/13 L >
New and sophisticated exterior design which contributes to the reduction of air resistance and improvement of fuel economy

Excellent fuel economy of 24.5km/liter*5 and improved practical fuel economy achieved through the adoption of ECON Mode*6

Enhanced features and improved usability achieved through a thorough review of the previous model

Honda Smart Parking Assist System*7 which enables easier parking

< 15 X >
Exclusive exterior design which offers a more upscale look and feel with special features such as a chrome-plated front grille and rear license plate garnish

Exclusive interior design which highlights a superior-quality feel through adoption of brown-toned seat color and surface material, chrome-plated trim and highly-luminous metallic color painted panels

High level of quietness achieved through the CVT setting that leverages spare torque of the 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine and improved sound absorption/insulation capability

< RS >
Exclusive and distinctive sporty exterior design

Exclusive interior design with enhanced sporty image achieved through adoption of black and orange seat surface material and other features such as a leather-wrapped sports-type steering wheel

Dynamic driving performance achieved through special settings for suspension, EPS, exhaust system, a 6-speed manual transmission adopted for the first time for this model, and paddle shifters which is a standard feature for a CVT model

*5 Figures for Fit 13 G(FWD/CVT) based on results of 10-15 mode fuel-efficiency testing by Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
*6 Except for 5-speed manual transmission
*7 Available with 13 G(FWD/CVT), 13 G Smart Selection(FWD/CVT)

♦ Key features of Fit Hybrid

Exclusive exterior design which pursues an "advanced and clean" concept through features such as headlights and front grille painted and/or plated with clear blue paints

Exclusive interior design which pursues an advanced and clean image through features such as a special interior panel painted in champagne metallic color as well as ambient meters unique to a hybrid model which displays the status of high fuel efficiency driving

The hybrid system, a combination of a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine and compact and lightweight IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), achieves an excellent fuel economy of 30km/liter

Placement of the IPU under the rear cargo area enabled the vehicle to maintain interior comfort and flexible seating configurations that are unique characteristics of the Fit

Eco Assist (Ecological Drive Assist System) which will help driver achieve highly fuel efficient driving was adopted to improve practical fuel economy

Honda HDD Inter-navi system, an exclusive manufacturer's option package, comes with Linkup Free service which offers various information services free of telecommunication fees*8

*8 Telecommunication is free only for data transmissions through a dedicated communication device. Data transmissions from other devices such as cell phones and phone calls from hands free phones will be subject to telecommunication fees. Membership renewal fee is free only when the owner uses an authorized Honda dealer for vehicle inspections and renewal procedure; a renewal fee is required when the procedure is performed at a non-authorized facilities

Models with rotating passenger seat
· A rotating passenger seat is available to take full advantage of Fit's ease of access. Maintaining the base vehicle's styling, riding comfort, and seating stability, ease of access is further increased by making the front edge of the bottom cushion smoother.

· Smooth rotation by operation of a lever and ample foot space during the rotation further enhances ease of access.

13 G (FWD/CVT) with rotating passenger seat

13 G (FWD/CVT) with rotating passenger seat

Exterior colors (8 colors including 2 new colors)
Azure Blue Metallic (new), Premium Deep Mocha Pearl (new), Taffeta White, Premium While Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Premium Yellow Pearl, Milan Red, Crystal Black Pearl
* Premium Deep Mocha Pearl is scheduled to become available starting in December 2010

Interior colors (2 colors)
[13 G/13 L] Black x Blue, Beige (main material: suede-like fabric)
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