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Honda Opens European Training Center

Erlensee, Germany, December 11, 2009 - Honda opens European training center in Erlensee, Hesse. With a total investment of approximately 15 million euros, Honda is making a clear commitment to its operations in Germany, even in these difficult times. Sales associates as well as the service personnel of Honda partners for all product ranges throughout continental Europe will be trained at the new Honda Academy. Honda's strengths in customer satisfaction and service will continue to be built upon with targeted training courses.

The Honda Academy

The Honda Academy

Shigeru Takagi, responsible for Honda's European operations as President of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. stated: "The Academy is not just for learning about our latest products and technologies. We have to listen to and respect each customer's individual concerns and to establish a good relationship with them, built on trust. The Academy's mission is to help every associate at Honda to learn how to serve each individual customer better."

During the opening ceremony, Volker Lange, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, also commended the initiative of the Honda Academy in his speech, stating: "Honda is setting another standard today! In times of financial and economic crisis and a continued falling motor vehicle market, strictly following the maxim of improving customer satisfaction, the creation of the Honda Academy and this large investment here in Germany deserves admiration and respect."

14 permanent staff members will be employed on the 53,000 square metre premises in Erlensee, located near Hanau in the state of Hesse. Practical training using Honda's entire product range will take place on a 15,000 square metre dynamic area. A total of 264 participants per day will be able to undergo training at the new Honda Academy.

Facts about the Honda Academy Erlensee
Ground breaking: March 23, 2009
Build time: 9 months
Size of premises: 53,000 sqm
Dynamic area: 10,000 sqm paved, 5,000 sqm unpaved
Buildings: total area 7,000 sqm
Number of training rooms: 6 for business training, 6 for technical training
Number of workshops: 3, fully flexible to arrange
Max. capacity of buildings: 264 trainees per day (12 training rooms at 12 persons,
plus 120 persons in plenary hall)
Capacity of dynamic area: 60-200 trainees per day, depending on programme
Employees: Currently 14 permanent, additional contractors on demand
Investment: about 15 million Euro
Use of alternative energy: Photo voltaic-system with Honda Soltec modules, 80 kWh output