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CorporateSeptember 17, 2009

Honda Safety Institute opens its doors

September 17, 2009 - The first European center exclusively dedicated to training riders.

Montesa Honda celebrated the opening of Honda's Safety Institute (HIS).

Honda Safety Institute opens its doors

Honda Safety Institute opens its doors

The Honda Safety Institute, or Honda Instituto de Seguridad in Spanish, is a center dedicated to the training of motorcycle riders. This facility is the first in Europe joining many similar facilities around the world, particularly in Asia and South America, Honda has chosen Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, in Barcelona, for the center which is one of 36 worldwide.

HIS covers 25.000 m2, and the impressive main building is equipped with many classrooms. For practical lessons, there are three areas: an asphalt track, an area with different surface friction for braking practice, and an off-road track. The facility is designed to host up to 15,000 attendants a year. Honda has invested close to 4 million Euros in the project.

HIS will offer practical and theoretical training with experienced instructors from Honda Riding School, an organisation with more than 17 years of experience that has educated more than 144,000 people.

7 courses are offered in total. These include a program for children, courses on road safety and defensive driving and a course for professional motorcycle riders.

The outstanding facilities at HIS combined with the variety of programs offered ensure that every attendee gets the maximum benefit. In line with Honda's philosophy, the courses are reasonably priced to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible. Programs cost between 70 and 100 Euros and this includes use of a motorcycle and the required safety equipment.

In addition HIS will offer free entry and transportation to groups of secondary school students aged 14-16. In Spain, you can ride a 50cc motorcycle aged 14 and from age 16 you can ride motorcycles with 51cc and larger engines so the scheme is provided to encourage and educate future riders.

The educational program includes lessons in the control of a motorcycle, activities in the off-road area, and the use of the Riding Simulators. In addition to the practical training all participants receive a Manual of Basic Riding Techniques in the form of a book and DVD.

Honda Safety Program
Since signing the European Road Safety Charter in 2004, Honda has been dedicated to the three basic pillars of safety; Active, Passive and Preventive. In the area of passive safety, Honda produces the first motorcycle with an airbag, the GL 1800 Goldwing. With regards to Active safety, 80% of Honda's mass produced motorcycles in Europe are equipped with Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS). Honda are also making developments in the field of preventive safety with research into vehicle to vehicle communication systems and improving the visibility of vehicles on the road.

In 1970 Honda began rider training in Japan and in 1992 Montessa Honda started its own training program. The creation of HIS reinforces all Montesa Honda's efforts in the area of Preventive Safety, specifically in the training area.

About Montessa Honda S.A.
President : Koji Maehara
Location : C/.del Mar del Nord, 1 - Pol. Ind. La Torre del Rector 08130 Santa Perpétua de Mogoda, Barcelona, Spain
Investment Capital : 4,500,000euros (as of March 2009)
Main business : Motorcycle manufacturing and sales
Established : 30th of July, 1982
Facility size : 86,000m2 including HIS
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