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AutomobileNovember 5, 2009

Honda Releases the Civic Type R Euro in Japan

November 5, 2009 - Honda Motor co., Ltd. announced that it will begin sales of a limited number of the Civic Type R Euro, a premium sports model with a distinctive, stylish form and performance that was forged on European roads. Only 2,010 units will be available for sale in Japan.

Civic Type R Euro

Civic Type R Euro

The Civic Type R Euro is a premium sports model built for mature customers who enjoy exciting driving performance together with a refined ride. It delivers supple handling and exhilarating, prodigious output over a wide range.

The Civic Type R Euro is equipped with a specially designed, 2.0l naturally aspirated engine (max. output: 148kW (201PS)/ 7,800rpm) paired with a responsive, 6-speed manual transmission. A lighter, more rigid body shell, specially tuned suspension and 18-inch wheels contribute to the Civic Type R’s ability to push the performance envelope. Custom aerodynamic components enhance the body’s already outstanding aerodynamic form, while interior features including a custom 3-spoke, small-diameter, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum ball-type shift knob, and Honda R spec seats enhance the driver’s sense of oneness with the vehicle.

The ultimate driving performer in the European Civic series, the Civic Type R Euro is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. This is the second time since 2001 that this model has been exported to Japan. Type R models are sporty models which are specially tuned to highlight the base model’s driving performance to pursue the joy of driving and provide a racing-like feel. With two models of Civic Type R now available in Japan—the 4-door Civic Type R introduced in 2007 as a ‘best of circuit’ performer and now the European-evolved Civic Type R Euro—Honda continues to deliver the joy of driving and the satisfaction of superior performance.

Key Features of the Civic Type R Euro
< Exterior >
· The exterior form of the Civic Type R Euro expresses a distinctively honed, stylish refinement reminiscent of the body of a highly trained athlete.

· Custom aerodynamic components are designed to achieve the ideal balance between aerodynamic performance and styling (including mesh grill, aerodynamic garnishes, and a colored tailgate spoiler).

· A large engine under-cover, floor under-cover, suspension beam cover and other components are employed to smooth out overall airflow beneath the vehicle for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

· The distinctive Type R red “H” emblem is complemented with a special Civic Type R Euro insignia.

< Interior >
· The interior is designed to enhance the feeling of oneness between car and driver, while refined materials and exhilarating styling resonate with a mature sensibility. (Includes 3-spoke, small-diameter, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum ball-type shift knob, Honda R spec seats, and metal sports-type pedals and footrest.)

· The custom Honda R spec front bucket seats are designed to provide full-surface contact that wraps around the driver’s body, ensuring both the firm hold required for sporty driving and the comfort that is indispensable on longer trips.

· The custom instrument panel features a multiplex i-VTEC engine rev indicator with self-illumination, red lighting, and illumination control that is strategically located for minimum eye movement during high-speed driving. Engine rpm is indicated by a series of lights that illuminate incrementally as the engine revs higher, allowing the driver to concentrate more completely on driving.

· An aluminum emblem displays the car’s serial number.

< Comfort Features >
· The Civic Type R Euro comes equipped with full auto air conditioning with independent right and left temperature controls and a rear heater duct.

· The sound system includes a CD player with AM/FM tuner, vehicle speed-sensitive volume control, six speakers, illuminated audio remote control switch, and USB/AUX jack.

· Other luxury features include EPS (Electric Power Steering), a parking sensor system, and keyless entry system.

< Engine >
· The naturally-aspirated, K20A 2.0l DOHC i-VTEC engine features a higher compression ratio, head ports finished using an NSX-style process to attain a smoother surface for lower intake and exhaust resistance, and optimized intake and exhaust systems and valve timing, to deliver high revs and high output.
  Maximum output: 148kW (201PS) / 7,800rpm (net value)
  Maximum torque: 193N·m (19.7kg·m) / 5,600rpm (net value)

· Drive-By-Wire (DBW) provides for finer tuning of throttle response and power output.

· The custom intake manifold ensures high output at high rpms while also improving torque characteristics over a broad engine speed range.

· The engine is equipped with a secondary balancer to reduce engine noise and secondary vibration, while the intake system is tuned to produce a refined roar under acceleration as the engine climbs toward the redline.

< Transmission >
· The Civic Type R Euro comes equipped with a close-ratio, 6-speed manual transmission.

· Optimized gear ratios ensure both high top speeds and nimble acceleration.

· The short-stroke shifter with aluminum ball-type shift knob delivers a sporty shift feel.

< Lightweight, high-rigidity body and chassis >
· The lightweight, high-rigidity body capitalizes on the outstanding layout of the base vehicle (European Civic 5-door), with expanded use of high-strength steel in strategic locations.

· In addition to a spacious interior, the center-tank layout provides a low center of gravity to ensure superior driving stability.

· Outstanding handling stability is achieved with a specially tuned suspension, high performance 18-inch wheels, and a torque-sensitive helical limited slip differential.

· Equipped with VSA (ABS + TCS + sideslip control).

· Equipped with ABS with custom tuned EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution system) and Brake Assist.

· Custom front brake calipers feature the Type R logo.

· Equipped with custom 18-inch tires (225/40R18 88Y) on custom 18-inch lightweight aluminum wheels.

< Safety Performance >
· The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body is designed to help protect vehicle occupants and to mitigate damage to other vehicles in the event of a front-end collision.

· The vehicle is also designed to help mitigate pedestrian injury in the event of a collision due to the use of impact-absorbing structures.

· Driver and front-passenger SRS airbags are standard equipment.

· The front seats are equipped with 3-point, load-limiting ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts with pretensioners. Rear seats are equipped with 3-point, ELR/ALR (child seat securing mechanism) seatbelts.

· Equipped with HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights (low beam, with auto-leveling).

· Equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.

< Environmental Performance >
· The Civic Type R Euro complies with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport emissions regulations for 2005.

· PVC use has been eliminated from interior components and the body undercoat, and significantly reduced elsewhere throughout the vehicle. Use of lead has also been eliminated wherever possible.

· Adoption of recyclable materials has resulted in overall vehicle recyclability of more than 90%*.

* Based on 1998 JAMA guidelines for defining and calculating new-vehicle recyclability

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