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AutomobileApril 20, 2009

Honda, Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda at the Shanghai Auto Exhibition - An environmentally responsible mobile life

China, April 20, 2009 - Honda, Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda, as well as a number of models under the luxury Acura brand and other competitive new models, are on display at the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. With a theme of “Mobility for the Earth”, the environmentally responsible products show the way to the mobile life of the future with innovative and advanced technologies. Many models powered by new sources of energy, including the fuel cell FCX Clarity and completely new hybrid Insight, are on display for the first time at the exhibition. Guangzhou Honda released the next generation Odyssey, which represents the height of fashion in MPVs, and Dongfeng Honda launched the upgraded Civic Hybrid in step with the international market. The SR-9, an upper-end sports car currently under development, was displayed as well. The outstanding products exemplify Honda’s strength in technology innovation and continuing commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sports Premium Sedan SR-9 (Exhibition Sample)

Sports Premium Sedan SR-9 (Exhibition Sample)

The FCX Clarity also makes its debut in Shanghai, being displayed at the exhibition. With the unique V Flow FC Stack, an innovative compact, but powerful fuel cell stack developed by Honda, the FCX Clarity provides a superb driving experience wrapped in fashionable design. Fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen, and electricity, generated by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, powers the car. The only exhaust emission is water, so it is the ultimate environmentally responsible vehicle.

Hybrid power technology is currently the most viable and effective environmentally responsible technology. Honda has brought the Insight, a completely new hybrid model shown in China for the first time. The IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid power system, created by Honda, uses a petrol engine as the primary power, while the electric motor provides an intelligent assist. The system is compact, effective and lightweight. The new Insight with the IMA system combines excellent environmentally responsible performance and an enjoyable driving experience.

The fourth generation Odyssey, which will begin production by the end of 2009, is also on display at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition. The all-new ODYSSEY is a multi-purpose vehicle developed by Honda in line with the latest trends in the global MPV market. The vehicle has been developed around the concept of “Dynamic Prestige”. Continuing the high quality tradition of the ODYSSEY brand, this new generation vehicle differs in that it has been designed to be more sedan-like in profile, driving experience and interior configuration. It is also characterized by enhanced safety, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency technologies. These elements make it a mid-high range MPV that boasts many of the advantages of a sedan. It is a new development trend in MPVs, and makes the vehicle more commercial, tasteful and practical, and puts it in a powerful position in the MPV niche.

The new Civic Hybrid, in line with the latest trends in the international market, is being released at the auto exhibition, and will go on sale nationwide in June. The Civic is on display in an elegant cloud white, with a fashionable and dynamic appearance. A fuel consumption test conducted by Tsinghua University showed that the fuel consumption of the Civic Hybrid is 4.7L/100km, 37% better than the conventional Civic EXi AT. The hybrid vehicle’s fuel economy ranks among the world’s best.

Sports Premium Sedan SR-9 (Exhibition Sample)

Dongfeng Honda is displaying for the first time a new model under development, codenamed the SR-9. The “S” in SR-9 represents Sports Premium Sedan, while the “R” signifies that the car is under research and development, and “9” is the largest digit. The first sports car exhibition prototype aiming at the upper-end market in China, the SR-9 has set a new design concept for upper-end sport cars. With many advanced technologies, the model combines streamlined fashion and a dynamic sporty character. Precise operation, a human-oriented concept, high technology driving, and ample space will make the sports car a leading model for the upper-end market. Mass production is expected to begin in the second half of 2009. It will allow Dongfeng Honda to lead the upper-end sports car industry by exploring a completely new market.

Other competitive models, including the Accord, Fit, City, CR-V, and Civic are also at the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. Honda devoted special attention to the design of the exhibition stand. The earth, in blue, is the major element, signifying Honda’s wish for the future ---- the harmonious development of a mobile life and the environment. The environmentally responsible products and technologies, as well as the elegant exhibition stand, are sure to make an impression.

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