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Honda Vietnam inaugurates the Second Motorcycle plant Advanced technology and environmental friendliness

Vietnam, August 29, 2008–Honda Vietnam Company formally held an Opening ceremony for its second motorcycle plant in Vinh Phuc province.

The second factory is 300,000 square meters in area and is located right beside first factory in Vinh Phuc province. Additional facilities include test course, emission laboratories, welfares for associates, waste water treatment facilities, etc.  With total investment capital of USD 65 million, the plant producing mainly scooters and high – class gear models will come into mass production at the end of August. With production capacity of 500,000 units per year in addition to the 1 million units at the first plant, Honda Vietnam’s total yearly output reaches 1.5 million units. This is the proof for Honda Vietnam’s effort to more satisfy increasing and diversified demand of Vietnamese customers.

“Environmental and human friendliness” key features of second plant

“Environmental and human friendliness” are the key features of the second plant. The factory has been built depending on the most harmonious and reasonable connection between natural energy resources including: Wind, Light, and Water.

The environment and atmosphere at the second plant will be extremely airy thanks to the use of natural wind and light which considerably reduces heat usually appearing in industrial plants, and provides a comfortable working environment for the associates. Furthermore, taking advantage of these natural resources will bring high economic efficiency and save natural resources such as electricity, by taking advantage of natural light, and water, by reusing rain water for internal facilities. The entire production process will also fully meet the stringent environmental standards of the world and Vietnam. All of these factors are aimed at creating a green environment surrounding the second plant.

Honda Vietnam also applies the most advanced Honda production technologies in order to turn the second plant into one of the most technologically advanced and efficient plants in the world. The plant consists of six sections: Engine assembly section, Finished-motorcycle assembly section, Engine parts machining section, Plastic moulding section, Painting section and Welding section. All sections are equipped with modern machines and equipment for highest quality manufacturing and most environment-friendly products. It will operate in accordance with international quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental management standard ISO 14001.

The second plant reflects to Honda Vietnam’s desire in contributing to Vietnamese society and it is their aim to be a company that society wants to exist. There are 1,400 people given job directly and other thousands given job through parts supplier network.

With the second motorcycle plant, Honda Vietnam is determined to build the most advanced and friendly with the environment in Vietnam. Thus, Honda Vietnam will continue to produce and introduce high quality, fuel saving and environmental friendly products for the satisfaction of Vietnamese customers.

[ Motorcycle Plants ]
  First MC Plant Second MC Plant  
Location Vinh Phuc Province
Employment Approximately 3,700 associates
(as of Aug, 2008)
Approximately 1,400 associates
Production Capacity 1 million units annually 500,000 units annually
Lot Site 200,000 m2 300,000 m2
Production Models Wave α, Wave RS, Wave S, Wave RSX, New Super Dream, Super Dream Plus Air Blade, CLICK, Future Neo & Future Neo FI

• Sales information
- Accumulated sales: more than 5 millions units (after more than 12 years)
- First 8 months of 2008: nearly 800,000 units
* Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. entered into automobile business in August 2006, and is currently producing Civic at its automobile production plant with annual production capacity of 10,000 units

[ About Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN) ]
Establishment: March 1996
Capital: US$62.9 million 
Capitalization ratio: 42% Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
28% Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
30% VEAM Corporation
(Vietnam Engine & Agricultural Machinery Corporation)
Representative: President: Koji Onishi
Business Areas: Manufacturing & assembling Honda brand motorcycles & motorcycles spare- parts; Manufacturing & assembling automobiles under 9-seats car; Provide the warranty services, repair motorcycle & automobile.