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CorporateU.K.January 18, 2007
ASIMO Brings Engineering to Life at the Dream Factory

SWINDON, U.K., January 18, 2007–ASIMO was given the mission to excite nearly 3,000 school children about engineering, at a debut appearance at Honda's Dream Factory.

ASIMO at The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is an educational initiative organized by Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM) in association with The Science Museum to provide inspiration and a greater excitement about the subject of engineering. Aimed at Key Stage 3 students (ages 11-13 years), each workshop has been specifically designed to explain a basic engineering principle and show how this is then used in Honda's leading edge technology. ASIMO joins Punk Science presenters from Discovery Channel's Scientrific Show and the HUM team to help inspire over 500 local school children.

Each day includes an interactive workshop where the children put theory into practice. Following an explanation of the principles of flight the students get to build and test paper planes. The students get to design a structure to protect a falling egg following an explanation of the principles of compression and absorption. In the robotics workshop the children will build and get to keep a simple robot which uses motors and sensors to navigate around a maze.
Children will also get the opportunity to see Jenson Button's F1 car, watch videos of Honda Jet in action and study cut-away models of a car to see the safety technology inside. The Dream Factory also includes an exhibition of cutting edge technology of the past.

The event runs from 18 to 25 January 2007. ASIMO provides an exciting finale to each day with a live show, accompanied by the presenters of Punk Science.
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