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CorporateU.S.A.January 9, 2007
ASIMO Sprints to North American Debut at Consumer Electronics Show

TORRANCE, Calif, U.S.A., January 9, 2007–A breakthrough version of Honda's humanoid robot ASIMO made a North American debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The latest ASIMO incorporates several significant technological advancements including a streamlined new design, even more fluid and quick movements and the ability to run at nearly 4 mph. ASIMO also has several other new mobility and artificial intelligence capabilities for enhanced human interaction.

"For the first time in North America, we're demonstrating this newest iteration of Honda's remarkable humanoid robotics technology. ASIMO now has a revolutionary ability to run and maneuver at unprecedented speeds," said Jeffrey Smith, American Honda assistant vice president. "Honda continues to further the development of humanoid robotics technology, believing that one day ASIMO will be a helper to people in need."

The new ASIMO can much better interact with and carry out commands given by people and can more effectively perform numerous new tasks including moving carts and carrying objects. The primary advancements of the newest ASIMO include:

• Enhanced human interaction
By providing ASIMO with the ability to recognize the surrounding environment through visual sensors, floor surface sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and by an IC Tele-interaction Communication Card1, ASIMO can more autonomously interact with people. Through the coordinated use of eye cameras in the head and the force (kinesthetic) sensors in the wrists, ASIMO can give and receive an object such as a tray. And by using these force sensors, ASIMO can hold the hand of the person and move in sync with them.
1 IC Tele-interaction Communication Card: By adding an optical communication function to the IC tag, the existence and position of the person or object can be identified. With this card, ASIMO can recognize the location and identity of the person regardless of where the person stands in a 360-degree range from ASIMO.

• Carrying objects using a cart
ASIMO is now capable of handling a cart freely while maintaining an appropriate distance from the cart by adjusting right and left arm forces to push a cart using the wrists' force sensors. Even when the movement of the cart is disturbed, ASIMO can continue maneuvering by taking flexible actions such as slowing down or changing directions.

• Running
Through proactive control of ASIMO's posture while both feet are off the ground, ASIMO can run at nearly 4 mph. In addition, running in a circular pattern at a high speed was achieved by tilting the center of gravity of ASIMO's body inside of the circle to maintain balance with the amount of centrifugal force experienced.

Honda continues ASIMO's development with the goal of one day producing a robot capable of assisting those who lack full mobility and of working in environments dangerous for humans.
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