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Power ProductsJapanNovember 29, 2006
Honda Releases the New EU55is Ultra-Quiet Generator
Equipped with Sine-wave Inverter

TOKYO, Japan, November 29, 2006– Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the release of the new EU55is, an ultra-quiet, high-output electrical generator (rated output: 5.5kVA) capable of simultaneous 100V and 200V single-phase1 current output. The new generator will go on sale starting December 1, 2006 at Honda power product dealers throughout Japan. Export versions will be introduced in North American and European markets beginning in spring 2007.

EU55is ultra-quiet generator equipped with sine-wave inverter

The EU55is employs Honda’s original sine-wave inverter technology to deliver high-quality electrical output in a compact, low-noise design. Its ability to simultaneously output 100V and 200V single-phase current makes it ideal for both commercial and emergency use. In addition, noise reduction measures including double-layer soundproof construction for the engine compartment and a tri-compartment configuration with separate intake, engine, and exhaust compartments for improved cooling and a significant reduction in intake and exhaust noise combine to place the EU55is at the top of its class2 for low-noise operation. Its sound power level3 is about three decibels4 lower than a comparable liquid-cooled-engine, low-noise electrical generator5 in the same power output class. Not only can this versatile unit be used for powering computer equipment, as an emergency power source, and for leisure activities, it is also capable of powering large electrical tools, 200V household appliances, and other heavy-duty power equipment.
1 Single phase: The AC power source most commonly used for general household use. Supplied via two electrical wires.
2 4-stroke engine-equipped generator with 4.5~5.5kVA output. According to Honda survey.
3 Device’s sound power level (LwA) based on ISO 3744 standards
4 Measured at half-load. Honda calculations.
5 EX5000

In 1998, Honda released its next-generation, ultra-quiet electrical generator series, the EU9i, EU24i, and EU28is (rated output: 900VA, 2.4kVA, and 2.8kVA respectively). These compact, lightweight generators employed original sine-wave inverter technology to deliver high-quality electrical output. Honda has been expanding the series lineup ever since, earning a sterling reputation and achieving cumulative worldwide sales of over one million units6.

With the introduction of the EU55is, which is capable of handling demands for high-quality, high-output electrical power, simultaneously outputting 100V and 200V single-phase current, Honda is seeking to further expand into new markets for emergency power sources in all-electronic residential applications and more.
6 Sales from April 1998 to the end of March, 2006

Annual sales target (worldwide): 8,000 units

Key Features of the EU55is
Ultra-low noise
· Measures including double-layer soundproof construction for the engine compartment and a tri-compartment configuration with separate intake, engine, and exhaust compartments for improvedcooling and noise reduction, along with a centralized intake and exhaust system for smoother overall air flow, combine to place the EU55is at the top of its class for low-noise operation. In comparisons of sound power levels under half-load conditions, the EU55is is approximately 3dB(A) quieter than the EX5000 (a comparable liquid-cooled-engine, low-noise generator in the same power output class). It is approx. 7.5dB(A) lower than the EM55is (an open-style, inverter-equipped generator in the same power output class) under half-load conditions, and approximately 9dB(A) quieter under rated output loads.

· The EU55is is officially designated as ultra-low-noise construction equipment under Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport noise regulations.

Compact & lightweight
· Honda’s originally designed compact, high-efficiency electrical generation system with high-speed, multi-pole inverter is featured, to achieve a size reduction of approximately 33%1and a weight reduction of approximately 34%2 compared to the EX5000 .
1 Volume comparison
2 Dry weight comparison

Fuel efficient
· Honda's dual-voltage mechanism capable of simultaneous 100V and 200V single-phase current output, high-efficiency inverter combines with the Eco-Throttle system to allow engine speed to be adjusted automatically for an optimum match with the power requirements of the device in use, resulting in at least 20% higher fuel efficiency* than the EX5000.
* At 1/4 load, with Eco-Throttle in operation

High Quality Electrical Output
· The EU55is is capable of supplying high-quality, high-output power on par with that available from commercial sources, making it ideal for powering computer equipment, communications equipment, measurement devices, IH household cooking appliances, and other types of equipment sensitive to frequency and voltage fluctuations.

i-Monitor shows operating conditions at a glance
· An i-Monitor with LCD display indicates total operating time, output, engine speed, and simple self-diagnostic functions in real time.

Outstanding maneuverability
· A one-touch folding handle and oversized wheels (standard equipment) ensure carefree mobility.

Principal Specifications
Model EU55is
Rated AC Output (50/60Hz) (kVA) 5.5
Continuous Operating Hours (hr) 10.3*~4.3
(1/4 load~Rated load)
Generator Type Multi-pole inverter
Voltage (V) 100/200 (single-phase)
Operating Noise
(1/4load~Rated load)[dB(A)/7m]
(Rated Load)[dB(A)/LwA]
Approx.52*~Approx. 60 (1/4 load~Rated load)
Approx. 91 (Rated load)
Overall Length (mm) 850/1,195
Overall Width (mm) 672
Overall Height (mm) 699/716
Dry Weight (kg) 115(including battery)
Overall Equipment Weight (kg) 128.5
Effective Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 13.8
Ignition System Fully transistorized (spark-advance control)
Engine Model
[Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV]
Displacement (cm3) 389
Starting System Power/manual
Fuel Type Unleaded gasoline
Standard Equipment Generator Eco-Throttle; Sine-wave inverter control;
Voltage selector switch
Engine i-Monitor; Electronic auto choke; Electronic governor;
Oil alert; Large-capacity muffler and air filter
Frame Folding handle; Oversized wheels

* During operation with Eco-Throttle
With handle folded down

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