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American Honda Motor and Climate Energy Announce Agreement to Release Compact Household Cogeneration System in the US

U.S.A., April 27, 2005– American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Headquarters: Torrance, California; President: Koichi Kondo) and Climate Energy LLC of the US (Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts; CEO: Dr. Eric C. Guyer) today announced that the two firms have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding preparations for the launch of sales of compact household cogeneration systems in the US.

Compact Household Cogeneration Unit

Starting in fall 2006, American Honda is to begin supplying its compact household cogeneration units to Climate Energy, which will combine the units with the heating units produced by its parent company, ECR International (Headquarters: Utica, New York; CEO Tim Reed) to form a heating system and offer it to customers in the northeastern US. In anticipation of the product launch, the cogeneration systems will be monitored by Climate Energy in tests to begin in the second half of 2005.

Honda’s compact household cogeneration unit combines the GE160V—the world’s smallest1 natural gas engine—with an efficiently configured, compact, lightweight power generation system employing Honda’s unique sine-wave inverter technology to create a compact unit suitable for residential use, boasting an overall energy efficiency of 85%. Use of the unit in combination with a heating system that utilizes recovered exhaust heat is expected to result in an approximately 30% reduction in CO2 emissions2. Available in Japan through utilities such as Gas Companies since March 2003, sales of the highly acclaimed cogeneration unit have reached approximately 15,0003 units in that time.

In October 2004, the compact cogeneration unit was recognized as the world’s first4 practical cogeneration unit for general household use and was awarded the 2004 Prize for Natural Gas Industry Innovation (Planning, Research and Development Section) by Germany’s Association for the Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Use of Energy (ASUE).

The planned market release in the US is the first step for Honda in the overseas rollout of its compact cogeneration units.

1 Based on Honda research; reciprocating gas engine
2 Based on Honda calculations; as compared with electricity generated by natural gas-fired thermal power generation, and with natural gas-fueled hot water and heating equipment
3 Through the end of March 2005
4 Based on Honda research

Main Features
Provides an overall energy efficiency of 85%
    Based on detailed investigations of energy usage patterns in the typical home, thermal output is set to approximately 3 kWh (exhaust heat recovery rate: 65%), and electrical output is set to a typical household usage rate of approximately 1 kWh (power generation efficiency: approximately 20%), thereby achieving an overall energy efficiency of 85% and reducing primary household energy consumption. It is also expected that CO2 output will be reduced by approximately 30%.

GE160V—the world’s smallest1 reciprocating gas engine
    Specially developed for use in the household cogeneration unit, the GE160V engine employs a three-way catalyst and oxygen feedback control to reduce NOx emissions, resulting in exhaust gas emissions cleaner than those of conventional gas-fueled household hot water heaters.

Low vibration, low noise
    Using the generator motor to serve double duty as a starter motor for the engine significantly reduces noise and vibration upon startup. This, combined with the use of a multi-chamber air intake silencer and a high-volume air cleaner, keeps noise levels as low as a household air conditioner outdoor unit.

Compact and lightweight
    The combination of the multi-polar alternator employed by Honda inverter generators, and a vertical layout featuring horizontal engine cylinder orientation produces a compact unit optimally-sized for home installation.

High-quality electrical output
    The cogeneration unit is the first in its class to feature a microprocessor-controlled, multi-polar sine wave inverter equipped with a system interconnection function, ensuring high-quality electrical output on par with commercial power sources. It can be safely used even with precision equipment sensitive to fluctuations in frequency or voltage.

High-efficiency heat exchanger with integrated catalyst
    To attain high heat-recovery efficiency, heat radiation from the unit is suppressed by minimizing unit ventilation and by employing a dual structure. Honda integrated the catalyst and heat exchanger to maintain high catalyst temperature and heat recovery. Heat is recovered from throughout the unit, enabling the compact household cogeneration unit to achieve a thermal recovery rate of approximately 65%.

Fuel Natural gas
Engine 4-stroke, water-cooled, single-cylinder OHV
Displacement 163 cm3
Generator Multi-polar sine wave inverter type
Electrical output 1kw (AC100/200V)* *US SPEC(AC120/240V)
Thermal output 3.25 kW
Size (W × D × H) 640 × 380 × 940 mm