Honda-The Power of Dreams
ASIMO joins the Secretary of State to open the Luxembourg Science Festival

EU, October 22, 2005– Fresh from a recent appearance at the Paris Bike Show, ASIMO attended the opening ceremony of this year's Science Festival in Luxembourg. ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot and Honda's global technology ambassador, presented Octavie Modert, Luxembourg's Secretary of State for Culture, Higher Education and Research, with a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and officially announce the Festival open.

After the opening ceremony, ASIMO will be wowing the crowds with ten half-hour performances throughout the weekend. These demonstrations will convey in a fun and engaging way the immense scientific and engineering effort required to create a walking humanoid. The shows will also be accompanied by a video which charts the development of Honda's humanoid robotics program - from the E0's inception in 1986 to the present day.

The Luxembourg Science Festival, which runs from the October 22 - 30 is this year celebrating its fifth anniversary. It is an opportunity for children and adults alike to explore all areas of science, maths and technology, through an interactive exhibition.