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Youth Engineering Summit

EU, July 5, 2005 – Tomorrow’s engineers meet today’s most advanced humanoid robot at the Youth Engineering Summit. Honda’s ASIMO brings engineering to life to hundreds of school children and their teachers.

Hundreds of school children and their teachers will be given an inspirational lesson in science and engineering on July 5 when they come face-to-face with Honda’s ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.

Appearing at the Youth Engineering Summit, an annual event organized by the SMMT Industry Forum, ASIMO will highlight the importance of engineering and science to society and offer encouragement to the year 8 and 9 students to play a role in shaping the future. The event lasts for two days in this year’s venue (Jaguar Cars, Castle Bromwich). Over 1000 school children and 100 teachers are expected to attend.

ASIMO is the latest example of Honda’s extensive research into the field of humanoid robotics, which stretches back to 1986. Amongst ASIMO’s wide range of abilities, ASIMO remains the only robot in the world to master climbing stairs. More recently, in December 2004 Honda announced a series of cutting edge technologies for the next generation ASIMO, which includes the ability to run.

William De Braekeleer, Corporate PR Manager of Honda Motor Europe said: “The annual Youth Engineering Summit is a great opportunity to show to young people the exciting challenges they could face through a career in science and engineering. ASIMO demonstrates the diverse and revolutionary projects children could become involved in and I hope it inspires more young children to realise that science and engineering can be fun.”

Honda is committed to social activity with a philosophy to "foster a spirited and dynamic people and society for the next generation."