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Honda Launches Super Motard-Style Mid-Size Sport Bike, the XR400 Motard

TOKYO, Japan, March 16, 2005 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the introduction of the XR400 Motard, a Super Motard-style* sport bike equipped with an air-cooled, single-cylinder, 400 cc, OHC, 4-stroke engine and 17" on-road front and rear tires. The XR400 Motard goes on sale in Japan on Tuesday, March 29.

XR400 Motard

The air-cooled, single-cylinder, 400 cc, OHC, 4-stroke engine of the XR400 Motard delivers ample power. The special-specification carburetor diameter and transmission gear ratios provide increased intake and exhaust efficiency, excellent acceleration, and highly responsive output at low and mid-range speeds.

The 17" on-road tires and light aluminum wheels make the XR400 very easy to ride in the city. The semi-double cradle frame is specially designed to complement the 17" tires. In addition, every part of the frame, including the head pipe area, has been strengthened for exceptional rigidity and highly stable turning.

The front suspension employs an inverted front fork for superior shock-absorption and high-performance steering, while the suspension stroke has been optimized for stable on-road cruising. The 276 mm diameter front and 220 mm diameter rear hydraulic disc brakes offer superior braking control performance.

The tank shroud and off-road front visor reflect the XR400’s Super Motard stylistic origins. Two color schemes are available: a brilliant Los White and the Extreme Red used on the CRF series motocross racing bikes.
* Popular in Europe recently, Super Motard racing features off-road bikes with small-diameter wheels and on-road tires competing for speed over asphalt and dirt surfaces.

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Powerful, responsive engine
  The air-cooled, single-cylinder, 400 cc, OHC, 4-stroke engine employs a radial four-valve combustion chamber (RFVC) structure for excellent combustion efficiency. The 34 mm carburetor diameter and transmission gear ratios, both special-specification, improve intake and exhaust efficiency for superb acceleration at low- to mid-range speeds and powerful engine responsiveness. In addition, the reduced moment of inertia of the ACG rotor improves throttle response. These features add up to an engine not only ideal for city riding, but also powerful enough to endure tough Super Motard races.

Newly designed semi-double cradle frame
  The special-specification semi-double cradle frame complements the 17" on-road tires and light aluminum wheels. Every part of the frame, including the head pipe and swing arm, has been strengthened for exceptional rigidity and highly stable turning performance.

Advanced suspension design
  For excellent shock and vibration control, the front suspension employs a 43 mm diameter inverted fork. In combination with a low center of gravity, the front suspension stroke of 245 mm and rear suspension stroke of 210 mm help realize exceptional cruising stability. Hydraulic disc brake diameters for the front and rear are 276 mm and 220 mm, respectively, allowing for ample surface area, effective heat dissipation, and highly stable braking. In addition, the 140 mm wide rear tire features extra surface area for a firm grip on the road.

Super Motard styling
  As distinctive off-road elements, the tank shroud, front visor, and two-tone seat emphasize the XR400’s stylistic origins in Super Motard racing.

Exciting two-color exterior
  The XR400 is available in two exciting color schemes. In the first, Los White, the fender, front visor, tank shroud, and side protectors are all a brilliant White. In the Extreme Red color scheme, which emulates that of the CRF series racing bikes, the fender and tank shroud are Extreme Red while the front visor and side protectors are White. In both of these color schemes, the Black of the engine, wheel rims, and front fork protectors also provides a striking accent.

Convenient Amenities
· Non-slip rubber-padded step facilitates mounting.

· One-touch side cover makes air cleaner maintenance easy.

· Tail bag with wire lock is located above rear fender.

· Anti-theft protection includes a strengthened handle lock, a sturdy combination lock ignition key cylinder, and pre-wiring for a separately sold alarm kit*.
*The alarm kit emits an alarm warning if the bike is rocked or moved.


Model Name   XR400 Motard
Model Type   Honda BC-ND08
L × W × H (m) 2.140 × 0.810 × 1.140
Wheelbase (m) 1.450
Ground Clearance (m) 0.220
Seat Height (m) 0.855
Vehicle Weight (kg) 145
Dry Weight (kg) 131
Number of Riders   2
Turning Radius (m) 2.2
Engine Type   NC38E air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, single-cylinder
Displacement (cm3) 397
Bore × Stroke (mm) 85.0 × 70.0
Compression Ratio   8.8
Maximum Power Output (kW[PS]/rpm) 22[30]/7,000
Maximum Torque (N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 33[3.4]/5,500
Fuel Consumption (km/l) 36.0 (60 km/h constant speed, low altitude)
Carburetor Type   VE5DA
Starter   Self-starting
Ignition   CDI battery ignition
Lubrication   Pressure feed (dry sump)
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 9.7
Clutch   Wet-type, multi-plate and coil spring
Gearbox   Constant mesh, 5-speed return
Gear Ratio 1st 2.615
2nd 1.789
3rd 1.350
4th 1.076
5th 0.892
Differential (primary/secondary) 2.666/2.466
Caster Angle (degrees)/Trail (mm) 26°50´/79
Tire Size Front 110/70-17M/C 54H
Rear 140/70R17M/C 66H
Braking System Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic disc
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (Pro-Link)
Frame Semi-double cradle