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CorporateJanuary 10, 2005
Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui Announces New Safety and Environmental Initiatives

Takeo Fukui, Honda President and CEO, talks to the Press.
President Fukui announced several news safety and environmental initiatives for Honda and Acura vehicles.
President Fukui detailing plans to further advance and expand the use of Honda fuel-efficient technologies, such as its Hybrid technology.
Showcased was Honda's plans to place a fuel cell vehicle with an individual customer, furthering moves to bring Fuel Cell vehicles to the mass market.
Honda's FCX is the world's most advanced fuel cell vehicle, even being able to operate at sub-freezing temperatures.
The FCX is the only fuel cell vehicle to earn certification from the U.S. EPA and California's Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.)
The FCX is fuelled by compressed hydrogen.
Also on show was this mean machine, portraying Honda's excellence in last year's motor sports season, and determination to do even better this year.
President Fukui taking questions from the Press.

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