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Accident Investigation Committee to be Established to Probe Cause of MotoGP Rider Daijiro Kato's Accident

Tokyo, April 25, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it will establish an independent third-party Accident Investigation Committee, to be chaired by Professor Ichiro Kageyama of Nihon University's College of Industrial Technology. The committee will conduct a minute analysis on Daijiro Kato's MotoGP accident at Suzuka Circuit, in an attempt to identify the cause of the crash.

Since immediately after the crash, Honda has been analyzing the accident vehicle with Honda Racing Corporation in order to clarify the cause of the accident. Thus far, however, no analytical data has been retrieved which would suggest any type of irregularity with the motorcycle.

The members of an Accident Investigation Committee, tasked with identifying the cause of the accident, will be chosen shortly.