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Power EquipmentJapanJuly 31, 2003
Honda Introduces the New BF150 and BF135 4-Stroke Marine Outboards

Tokyo, July 31, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it will introduce two new 4-stroke marine engines, the BF150 and BF135, which will be the world's first outboards to feature DOHC VTEC *1(variable valve timing and lift) and a Variable Air Intake Port System. The two new models will go on sale September 30th at Honda outboard dealers throughout Japan.

Both the BF150 and the BF135 achieve outstanding clean exhaust performance that exceeds US CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions regulations for 2008-the most stringent emissions standard in the world-while at the same time delivering superb performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

The engines employ DOHC VTEC variable valve timing*1 and a Variable Air Intake Port System to achieve high output and a flat torque curve that ensures even power output throughout the entire speed range. Lean-burn operation is also achieved through the use of a fuel injection system equipped with LAF (Linear Air/Fuel Ratio) -another world first in a marine outboard engine-resulting in 20% higher fuel efficiency than the previous model*2 in the same output range.

*1 VTEC is employed only on the BF150.
*2 Compared to the BF130, according to Honda in-house testing.

Honda is taking steps to ensure that all 19 models in its marine outboard engine lineup for Japanese market, from the BF2 (2PS) to the BF225 (225PS), will deliver emission performance equivalent to standards set out in US CARB 2008 regulations by the fall of this year, making it the world's first outboard engine manufacturer to make its entire lineup CARB 2008 compatible. As a symbol of their clean operation, all outboard motors destined for Japanese domestic consumption will display an "Ultra-Low Emissions" label to promote them as part of the world's leading environment-friendly engine lineup.

BF150 4-stroke marine outboard engine
Ultra-Low Emissions label
BF150 4-stroke marine outboard engine Ultra-Low Emissions label

BF150/BF135 Main Features

Fuel Economy
  • Lean-burn operation is achieved through the use of a fuel injection system (Honda Programmed Fuel Injection) equipped with a LAF sensor-a world first in a marine outboard engine-resulting in 20% higher fuel efficiency compared to the previous model.*2
High Performance
  • The BF150 and BF135 are the world's first marine outboards to employ DOHC VTEC variable valve timing and lift*1, a Variable Air Intake Port System, and a Twin Thermostat Three-way Cooling System, to achieve high output and torque performance throughout a broad power band. This results in the highest output per liter of any of Honda's medium-to-large class marine outboard engines.
Environmental Performance (Honda e-SPEC product)
  • In addition to exhaust emissions that are well below the levels required by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 2006 and domestic Japanese voluntary controls, both the BF150 and BF135 also exceed the 2008 standards established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)-the most stringent in the world.
  • Both models are 95% recyclable (according to Honda in-house measurement standards).
Lightweight & Compact
  • An intake manifold and undercover made of resin contribute to lighter weight overall.
  • The new models are 10kg lighter than their predecessor (x-shaft type).
Durable & Reliable
  • Oil pressure alert, overheat alert, over-rev limiter, Programmed Fuel Injection warning, ACG warning, and other alert functions ensure instant recognition of any malfunction or abnormal operation.
Easy to Maintain
  • A flush valve joint permits easy engine cleaning after use.
  • A two-piece undercover promotes greater ease of maintenance.
  • The lightweight engine cover opens with a single lever for fast, easy removal.
Easy to Mount
  • The engine is designed with a shorter overhang when tilted up for superior ease of mounting. This allows the BF150/BF135 to be used with a wider range of boat types than conventional models.
Model BF135 BF150
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 845 x 580 x 1,665 (L)
Transom Height (mm) L:508 XL:635
Engine 4-stroke in-line 4 cylinder
Displacement (cm3) 2,354
Bore x Stroke (mm) 87 x 99
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Valve train 4-valve DOHC 4-valve DOHC VTEC
Max. Power [kW(PS)/rpm] 99.3(135)/ 5,500 110.3(150)/ 6,000
Max. Torque [Nm(kgf·m)] 196(20.0) 202(20.6)
Idling Speed (rpm) 750 ± 50
Fuel Unleaded gasoline
Lubrication System Force feed
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Ignition System Fully transistorized battery ignition
Starter System Electric
Exhaust System Underwater (propeller boss exhaust)
Charging Performance 12V - 40A
Fuel Con., Max. Output, g/kWh 350 320
Dry Weight (kg, w/ propeller) 220 (L)
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