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Corporate China
December 17, 2003
Honda Strengthens Function of Regional Operation Center in China
Corporate Japan
December 17, 2003
2003/2004 Sales & Production
Corporate Japan
December 16, 2003
Flight Tests of Honda Experimental Business Jet Begin
Corporate Japan
December 16, 2003
Honda Announces Development of HF118 Turbofan Aircraft Engine
Corporate USA
November 25, 2003
Honda Auto Production Hits 10 Million Cars and Light Trucks in the U.S.
Corporate Thailand
November 18, 2003
Honda Begins Production and Sales of Small Car "Jazz" in Thailand
Corporate Japan
October 14, 2003
Honda Announces Automobiles and Motorcycles to be Displayed at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show
Corporate Japan
October 7, 2003
B·A·R Honda Confirms 2004 Driver Line-up
Corporate Usa
October 7, 2003
Honda Starts North American Sales of the European-made "599"
Corporate Indonesia
October 2, 2003
Honda Begins Experiments with Hydrogen Home Energy Station and Improves Solar-Cell Technology for Production of Hydrogen
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Corporate Indonesia
September 25, 2003
Honda Begins Production of Automatic Transmissions at New Plant in Indonesia
Corporate USA
September 24, 2003
American Honda Reaches Major Sales Milestones: 20 Million Cars and 50 Million Products Sold in America
Corporate Japan
September 17, 2003
Honda Foundation Will Confer the Honda Prize for the Year 2003 on Dr. Ken-ichi Mori, Ph.D., Adviser to the Board of TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION, Japan
Corporate China
September 16, 2003
Honda Begins Production of First Small Car "Fit Saloon" in China
Corporate Germany
September 9, 2003
ASIMO Makes Public Debut in Europe
Corporate Japan
August 27, 2003
Honda's Cumulative Worldwide Automobile Production
Reaches 50 Million Units
Corporate Philippines
August 19, 2003
Honda Begins Production of Manual Transmissions at New Plant in the Philippines
Corporate China
August 8, 2003
Honda Announces New Automobile Production Plan in China
with Dongfeng Motor Corp.
Corporate Japan
July 1, 2003
Scientific symposium sees first demonstration of Honda's advanced humanoid robot
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Corporate Japan
June 19, 2003
Honda's Response to Projected Electricity Shortages
corporate China
May 29, 2003
Honda Breaks Ground for New Auto Plant in China;
Event Signals Full-Scale Preparation for Export-Focused Plant
corporate Japan
May 28, 2003
Honda Outboards Certified by the Fishing Boat and System
Engineering Association of Japan as the Industry's First-ever
Environment Preserving Gasoline Outboard Motors
Corporate Japan
April 25, 2003
Accident Investigation Committee to be Established to Probe
Cause of MotoGP Rider Daijiro Kato's Accident
Corporate Brazil
April 22, 2003
Sales of Locally Produced Honda Fit to begin in Brazil
Corporate Japan
April 22, 2003
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Announces New President and CEO
Corporate Japan
April 21, 2003
Honda to Establish New Corporate Governance System
Corporate Japan
April 15, 2003
Honda to Begin Construction of Additional Head Office;
New Environmentally Friendly Building Based on Site of Former Wako Plant
Corporate India
April 14, 2003
Honda Begins European Sales of LEAD Scooter Made in India
Corporate China
April 1, 2003
Honda Starts Operation of Motorcycle R&D Facility in China
Corporate Japan
March 31, 2003
Total Civic Series Production Reaches 15 Million Units
Corporate Korea
March 25, 2003
Honda to Begin Automobile Sales in Korea
Corporate Japan
March 4, 2003
Honda and Teledyne to Study Business Opportunities for Honda's Next-generation Piston Aviation Engine
Corporate Japan
March 3, 2003
Honda F1 World Championship Organization for 2003
February 6, 2003
Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Displayed at White House Event
Corporate Japan
February 4, 2003
2002/2003 Sales & Production
Corporate Japan
February 3, 2003
2003 Honda Motor Sports Highlights
Corporate Malaysia
January 30, 2003
New Malaysian plant signals bigger role in "Made by Global Honda" automobile
production network --- Prime Minister presides over Official Opening Ceremony
Corporate Japan
January 27, 2003
Honda Sets Domestic Sales and Production Records for 2002
January 21, 2003
Honda Taiwan Begins Production and Sales of the CR-V
Corporate Chinese
January 15, 2003
Honda Begins Production of All-new Accord in China
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