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AutomobileJapanSeptember 18 , 2003
Honda Launches HDD Voice-Activated Navigation System;
World's First 'Floating Car Data' System Also Introduced

Tokyo, September 18, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced a rewritable, hard disk drive-based voice-activated car navigation system that doubles the data capacity of the previous generation system. The new system is an enhanced version of Honda's popular DVD Navigation System with voice recognition, which supports Honda's InterNavi Premium Club service and has received acclaim for the range of information it provides drivers. Honda also introduced the world's first application of a 'floating car data'*1 system as part of its InterNavi Premium Club service. This new system is now available as a factory option for the new Civic, with plans underway to expand availability to other models in the future.

In addition to doubling data capacity and allowing the rewriting of data, the new Honda HDD Navigation System offers faster searches and route planning along with enhanced display capabilities, and a variety of audio-visual functions. This improved functionality includes the capability to save audio CD tracks on the hard disk in MP3 format for later playback, and playback of DVD video.*2 Further, map data is updated free of charge two years after a new-car purchase.

With the release of the new navigation system, Honda has also enhanced its InterNavi Premium Club information service, including the world's first 'floating car data' service, "Premium members' VICS" service. The new service transmits data real time to an operations center when the member's car is on a road for which VICS*3 information is not available. This data is used to provide the driver with more precise information on traffic congestion. Another new function provides the ability to automatically select parking areas based on such parameters as cost and hours of operation. The goal of the new system is to make driving easier and more enjoyable by providing more useful information.

*1 Onboard sensors collect speed and other data for transmission to a data processing center where data on traffic flow and congestion is monitored. (More information is available at the ITS website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Road Bureau.)
*2 For safety reasons, only voice-activated functions can be used while the car is in motion.
*3 VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.

HDD Voice-Activated Navigation System HDD Voice-Activated Navigation System
HDD Voice-Activated Navigation System   HDD Voice-Activated Navigation System
(Monitor opening)
Standard VICS roads Premium Members' VICS roads
Standard VICS roads   Premium Members' VICS roads
(includes standard VICS roads)

Key Features of the InterNavi Premium Club HDD Navigation System

(1) Premium Members' VICS
When a member's car is on a road registered with the system, the car's actual travel time is transmitted to the InterNavi Information Center. This information is then made available exclusively for member use as route guidance. (Roads less than 5.5 meters in width are not covered.)
(2) Parking selection
The system can automatically select parking areas that have open spaces and are capable of accommodating the specific car. The driver can also preset parameters such as cost, distance to destination, and hours of operation to narrow the search for suitable parking areas. Once a parking area is selected, route guidance is provided via VICS information or voice.
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