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MotorcycleJapanFebruary 21 , 2003
Honda Announces a Model Change for the "Fusion" Large-Sized Scooter

Tokyo, February 21, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced a model change for the Fusion large-sized scooter. Equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC single-cylinder 250cc engine, this bike is known for its low-slung seat and long wheelbase. The new model will go on sale Friday, February 28th.

The first-generation Fusion made its debut in April 1986. It quickly became popular for its distinctive long-and-low styling and relaxed riding position, earning a broad following among young riders and veterans alike.

This time, in addition to a color change for the standard type, a new Type X with features popular among young riders such as chrome-plated handlebars, a short windscreen, and a backrest, has also been added to the lineup. The exhaust has been fitted with an air injection system for exhaust gas purification, and effective anti-theft devices including a sturdy lock and alarm come as standard equipment on all types.

The new color for the Standard Type is a tranquil Force Silver Metallic. The Type X comes in three standard colors: intrepid Pure Black, fresh Pearl Seashell White, and vivid Candy Tahitian Blue. The Type X is also available in seven additional colors through the Color Order Plan, allowing customers to choose from a rich palette of eleven colors in all.

Fusion Type X
Fusion Type X

Main Features of the Fusion

A full range of accessories for added convenience

1. New sturdy lock and alarm system for effective anti-theft protection Effective anti-theft protection
measures include an alarm that sounds if someone attempts to move the bike while it is parked and a sturdy lock that cannot be forced with a screwdriver or other tool. The alarm's flashing indicator lamp also helps to ward off potential thieves.
2. 38-liter rear trunk
The large trunk located behind the rear seat is big enough to accommodate a B4-size attache case or two custom helmets (sold separately).
3. Turn signal auto-cancel function
The new Fusion is equipped with a turn signal auto-cancel function that automatically turns off the turn signals after completion of a left or right turn. Just like in a car, this convenient feature eliminates the need to remember to turn off the signals after rounding a corner.

Two types available: the highly functional Standard Type and the Stylish Type X
In addition to the Standard Type, a new Type X has been added to appeal to younger riders, featuring new styling that completely changes the Fusion's image. Whereas the Standard Type employs a practical long windscreen, the Type X adopts a more stylish short one. The Standard Type's covered handlebars are replaced with silver chrome-plated handlebars on the Type X. And the Type X also comes with a backrest on the rear seat, providing the passenger a more comfortable ride.

A wide selection of eleven different colors
The Standard Type is available in one color and the Type X in three standard colors. The Type X is also available in seven additional colors through the Color Order Plan, allowing customers to choose from a rich palette of eleven colors in all.
Standard Type
1) Force Silver Metallic

Type X (standard colors)
2) Pure Black; 3) Pearl Seashell White; 4) Candy Tahitian Blue

Type X (Color Order Plan)
5) May Yellow Metallic; 6) Bice Blue; 7) Pearl Moderato Beige; 8) Clipper Yellow; 9) Matt Axis Gray Metallic; 10) Italian Red; 11) Candy Extreme Blue

Model Name Fusion Fusion Type X
Model Type Honda BA-MF02
L x W x H (m) 2.265 x 0.745 x 1.355 2.265 x 0.745 x 1.115
Wheelbase (m) 1.625
Ground Clearance (m) 0.145
Seat Height (m) 0.665
Vehicle Weight (kg) 169 170
Dry Weight (kg) 157 158
Number of Riders 2
Fuel Consumption (km/) 40.0
(60km/h low-altitude driving)
(60km/h low-altitude driving)
Min. Turning Radius (m) 2.9
Engine Type MF01E (water-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder)
Displacement (cm3) 244
Bore x Stroke (mm) 72.0 x 60.0
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Starter Type Self-starting
Carburetor Type VE30
Ignition CDI
Fuel Tank Capacity () 12
Lubrication System Force feed and splash
Clutch Dry-type, multi-plate shoe
Gearbox Continuously variable
Gear Ratio 1 gear 2.10 to 0.88
Caster Angle (idegrees) /Trail
Tire Size Front 110/100-12 67J
Rear 120/90-10 66J
Braking System Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Mechanical leading/trailing drum
Suspension Front Bottom link
Rear Unit swing arm
Frame Under-bone
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