Honda-The Power of Dreams
Launch of the BF20 4-Stroke Marine Outboard Motor, Plus a Full Model Change for the BF15

Tokyo, May 14, 2002 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced a full model change to the BF15 15-horsepower marine outboard motor and the release of a new addition to the series in the form of the BF20, a 4-stroke, 20-horsepower model. The new BF15 and BF20 will go on sale May 25 at dealers nationwide handling Honda marine outboards.

These newly-developed motors are not only powerful, but also highly eco-friendly, being the first in their class*1 to clear California Air Resources Board (CARB) exhaust gas emissions regulations for FY2008, the strictest in the world. Environmental awareness is also reflected in the design of the new motors, which contain parts manufactured from recycled fishing nets and are 95% recyclable*2.
*1: 15- to 20-horsepower marine outboard motors
*2: Calculated on the basis of Honda's independent criteria

For easier tilt-up, models with gas-assist tilt and power-tilt will be available --- the first time this feature has been used in the 15-horsepower class.

The BF15 and BF20 have been developed to suit a wide variety of boats, from pleasure craft, such as aluminum bus boats or inflatables, to commercial compact craft. Since 1964, Honda has been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of 4-stroke outboard motors. The total number of units produced to the end of 2001 was about 790,000, which means that Honda is the world's top manufacturer of 4-stroke outboard motors. Today, the Honda 4-stroke line-up comprises 17 models, delivering power output ranging from 2PS to 225PS. These models are ideal for a wide range of boating activities on rivers, lakes, and the ocean, from cruising to sport fishing and many others.

BF20 4-stroke outboard motor
BF20 4-stroke outboard motor

Features of the BF15 and BF20
 High performance
   A class-beating displacement of 350cc delivers plenty of engine power.

 Ease of use
   Smooth starting
The auto bi-starter system (with cell) optimizes the fuel-air mixture at start-up. Automatic control handles the whole starting sequence from choke to warm-up, doing away with the need for the choke-and-throttle operation required for conventional outboard motors. Thanks to a microchip-controlled digital capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system, the optimal ignition times can be set for start-up, for practical running speeds and so on. Combined with mechanical decompression, this dramatically reduces the start-up oil rec pull weight, resulting in smooth starting.

 Superb fuel efficiency
   Thanks to a carburetor equipped with an accelerator pump, combined with digital CDI, hemispherical combustion chambers, efficient cross flow, centered sparkplugs and a design using the carburetor's primary range, both motors offer fuel efficiency at the top of their class (7% up on the previous model in the case of the BF15), despite featuring top-of-the-class displacement.

   In addition to exhaust emissions that are well below the levels required by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 2006 and domestic Japanese voluntary controls, BF15 and BF20 equipped with the highly eco-friendly Honda e-SPEC engine also exceed the world's strictest exhaust emissions regulations established for 2008 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

   Vibration minimized to class-beating levels
Thanks to Honda's proprietary anti-vibration pendulum-motion (PM) mount system, the BF15 and the BF20 have the lowest vibration levels in their class, although neither is fitted with a balancer shaft. Unidirectional rubber mountings ensure that vibration is absorbed throughout the entire speed range.
   Lowest operating noise in class
Large-capacity air-silencers and water-cooled idle port chambers reduce air intake and exhaust noise.
   A recyclability rate of 95% has been achieved (according to Honda measurement standards).
   Plastic parts are made from recycled salmon- and trout-fishing nets.

   Digital monitoring mechanisms
Potentially engine-damaging conditions such as over-revving, overheating and low oil pressure are detected by the digital CDI, which alerts the user.A large water-intake screen ensures greatly increased protection against clogging by floating garbage, seaweed and other debris.
   Greatly improved charging performance
Multi-pole system delivers greatly improved charging performance, ideal for night-time operation or usage patterns involving frequent stopping and starting.

Model BF15 BF20
Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height (mm) 650 x 350 x 1,110 (Type: SH)
Transom Height (mm) S: 433   L: 563   UL: 703
Engine Type e-SPEC water-cooled 4-stroke 2-cylinder OHC
Displacement (cc) 350
Bore x Stroke (mm) 59 x 64
Compression Ratio 9.2
Max Output (kW(PS)/rpm) 11.0(15)/5,000 14.7(20)/6,000
Max Torque (N·m/rpm) 25.2/3,500 25.8/5,000
Recommended Speed Range (rpm) 4,500 to 5,500 5,000 to 6,000
Idling Speed Range (rpm) 900 ± 50
Ignition System Digital CDI
Starting System Electric/Manual
Charging Performance 12 - 12A (electric start models)
Dry Weight (with propeller) (kg) S: 46   L: 49   UL: 51.5