Honda-The Power of Dreams
Introducing a New ASIMO Featuring Intelligence Technology

Tokyo, December 5, 2002 --- Tokyo, December 5, 2002 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has released a new model of its intelligent humanoid robot ASIMO which is capable of interpreting the postures and gestures of humans and moving independently in response. ASIMO's ability to interact with humans has advanced significantly --- it can greet approaching people, follow them, move in the direction they indicate, and even recognize their faces and address them by name. Further, utilizing networks such as the Internet, ASIMO can provide information while executing tasks such as reception duties. ASIMO is the world's first humanoid robot to exhibit such a broad range of intelligent capabilities.

Starting from January of next year, Honda plans to commence rental of this new version of ASIMO to public institutions and companies.


The New ASIMO Movement in response to a gesture (posture recognition)

The key features of the new ASIMO include:

1. Advanced communication ability thanks to recognition technology
    1.  Recognition of moving objects
    2.  Posture/gesture recognition
    3.  Environment recognition
    4.  Sound recognition
    5.  Face recognition

2. Network integration
    1.  Integration with user's network system
    2.  Internet connectivity

1. Advanced communication ability thanks to recognition technology

Recognition of moving objects
Using the visual information captured by the camera mounted in its head, ASIMO can detect the movements of multiple objects, assessing distance and direction.

Specifically, ASIMO can:
follow the movements of people with its camera;
follow a person;
greet a person when he or she approaches.

Recognition of the distance and direction
of movement of multiple objects

Recognition of postures and gestures
Based on visual information, ASIMO can interpret the positioning and movement of a hand, recognizing postures and gestures. Thus ASIMO can react not only to voice commands, but also to the natural movements of human beings.

For example, ASIMO can:
recognize an indicated location and move to that location (posture recognition);
shake a person's hand when a handshake is offered (posture recognition);
respond to a wave by waving back (gesture recognition).

Movement to an indicated location Recognition of hand movements
such as the waving of a hand

Environment recognition
ASIMO is able to assess its immediate environment, recognizing the position of obstacles and avoiding them to prevent collisions.

Specifically, ASIMO can:
stop and start to avoid a human being or other moving object which suddenly appears in its path;
recognize immobile objects in its path and move around them.

Distinguishing sounds
ASIMO's ability to identify the source of sounds has been improved, and it can distinguish between voices and other sounds.

For example, ASIMO can:
recognize when its name is called, and turn to face the source of the sound;
look at the face of the person speaking, and respond;
recognize sudden, unusual sounds, such as that of a falling object or a collision, and face in that direction.

Face recognition
ASIMO has the ability to recognize faces, even when ASIMO or the human being is moving.

For example, ASIMO can:
recognize the faces of people which have been pre-registered, addressing them by name, communicating messages to them, and guiding them;
recognize approximately ten different people.

Distinguish between registered faces.

1. Advanced communication ability thanks to recognition technology

Integration with user's network system

ASIMO can:
execute functions appropriately based on the user's customer data;
greet visitors, informing personnel of the visitor's arrival by transmitting messages and pictures of the visitor's face;
guide visitors to a predetermined location, etc.

Internet connectivity
Accessing information via the Internet, ASIMO can become a provider of news and weather updates, for example, ready to answer people's questions, etc.