Honda-The Power of Dreams
Hat Trick Success for Honda Engines

Slough, May 15, 2002 --- Honda has proved that it makes some of the world's finest engines by once again winning multiple categories in this year's International Engine of the Year Awards.

For the third consecutive year the 2.0 litre Honda S2000 and 1.0 litre Insight IMA hybrid engines won their respective size categories, the latter also winning 'Best Fuel Economy' Award. A further accolade for Honda's hybrid technology comes with the new Civic Hybrid winning the 1.0 to 1.4 litre category - as well as being nominated runner up to the Insight in the Best Fuel Economy class.

As significant as the number of wins were the winning margins. The Honda S2000 engine received nearly 30 per cent more votes than the runner up (the BMW 2 litre Valvetronic), while the Insight's 1.0 litre IMA was awarded almost twice the number of votes as the next best (the 1.0 litre Toyota Yaris unit). And the Civic Hybrid not only fended off five competing diesel units, but gained more than 40 per cent more votes than the runner up PSA/Ford 1.4 litre diesel.

"Following its repeat success with the Insight and impressive debut of the petrol electric Civic, Honda has again justified its decision to invest in hybrid designs," said Graham Johnson, Chairman of the International Engine of the Year Awards and editor of Engine Technology International magazine, which sponsors the event. "That the same company also produces the phenomenal 120 horsepower / litre engine that powers the Honda S2000 demonstrates the breadth of ability of this company," he added.

Presented at Engine Expo 2002, Stuttgart, Germany, the International Engine of the Year Awards truly are the 'Oscars' of the engine world. Voted for by a panel of 40 leading motoring journalists from all over the world (including Jesse Crosse, Ken Gibson, Paul Gregory, Graham Johnson and Michael Scarlett from the UK), the competing engines are awarded points based on their efficiency, refinement, environmental attributes, plus importantly, how they performed on the road.


Honda S2000 2-litre

"The astonishing specific output of 120bhp/litre of this genuine 9,000rpm screamer is proof of Honda's superiority with small displacement sports car engines" ......Hormazd Sorabjee, Autocar India

"The specific power output of a Ferrari in an affordable package; the S2000 boasts better low-end torque than you'd expect of such a high-rev screamer" ......Frank Markus, Car and Driver

"Mild mannered, fuel efficient miser one second; rev-hungry racer the next - an engineering masterpiece"......Graham Johnson, Engine Technology International

Honda Hybrid 1.3 IMA

"An improved and more efficient version of Honda's original IMA system with two spark plugs per cylinder, allowing for a more complete combustion process, further improving fuel economy and reducing emissions" ......Jose Vieira, Turbo

"Honda's hybrid technology pays big dividends to shoppers in this engine class. Snappy power plus great mpg equals a top-line commuter car" ......Van Tune, TV presenter

"Bringing hybrid efficiency, comfort, and driveability to the family sedan class" ......Frank Markus, Car and Driver

"An unparalleled and unprecedented blend of civility, economy, refinement and eco-friendliness" ......Marc Lachapelle, MSN Carpoint Canada

"IMA is a breakthrough concept; it combines ecologically relevant benefits with such down-to-earth assets as driveability" ......Georg Kacher, freelance

Honda Insight

"The first Honda production hybrid model is one of the world's most fuel-efficient units, with reasonable performance and cleaner exhaust emissions" ......Jose Vieira, Turbo

"Kudos to Honda's sleek and space-age hybrid - an 'alternative' vehicle that really works" ......Van Tune, TV presenter

"The hybrid power source of the extraordinarily impressive Honda Insight stands high above anything vaguely similar" ......Michael Scarlett, freelance

"The Insight has opened many eyes to the advantages of a hybrid. It is simpler than most such systems and is being produced in quantity" ......Jake Venter, CAR (South Africa)

"A hybrid pioneer that requires no exotic care and feeding, and delivers long-haul quality and reliability" ......Frank Markus, Car and Driver

"A frugal wonder, with the always surprisingly throaty sound of a triple" ......Marc Lachapelle, MSN Carpoint Canada

"I think that Honda's IMA system is one of the best hybrid combinations, both for power and economy" ......Thomas Hyan, Automobil Revue

"A hybrid that actually makes sense thanks to its diesel-bashing fuel economy and performance" ......Graham Johnson, Engine Technology International