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AutomobileJapanOctober 11 , 2002
36th Tokyo Motor Show Honda Commercial Vehicle Display Outline

Tokyo, October 11, 2002 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced its display outline for commercial vehicles for the 36th Tokyo Motor Show (2002), hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc. at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from Tuesday, October 29th to Sunday, November 3rd.

Honda's display theme this year is "Fun! for All", based on Honda's philosophy of providing its customers with pleasure and enjoyment through its products. Displays ranging from concept cars developed to promote "Smart Working" by making work more pleasant and comfortable, to an array of commercial vehicles, and the FCX, the world's first fuel-cell vehicle to receive U.S. government certification, will present Honda's solutions for more comfortable daily living, while at the same time introducing the Company's efforts toward greater safety and environmental protection.

Acty Compo (concept vehicle)    Acty Sport (concept vehicle)
Acty Compo (concept vehicle) Acty Sport (concept vehicle)
Mobilio Spike Pro (concept vehicle)    Acty Cool Shuttle (prototype vehicle)
Mobilio Spike Pro (concept vehicle) Acty Cool Shuttle (prototype vehicle)


On the Main Presentation Stage, the Acty Compo, Acty Sport, and Mobilio Spike Pro, all created based on the concept of "Smart Working", will be on display. Audio-visual displays will demonstrate how these innovative vehicles deliver new paths to enjoyment.

On the Secondary Presentation Stage, Honda will introduce its Acty Cool Shuttle, the world's first light commercial vehicle equipped with a freezer located beside the driver where the passenger normally sits.

The FCX Corner will introduce the Honda FCX, the world's first fuel-cell vehicle to obtain U.S. government certification, due for release this year. This booth will also feature Honda's latest efforts to protect the environment.

The Driving Simulator Corner allows visitors to experience the motion-based automobile driving instruction simulator, developed by Honda, which duplicates dangerous situations that may be encountered during actual driving.

The Currently-available Vehicle Corner will feature the Acty series of production commercial vehicles that are playing an active role in a variety of settings, along with the Stream Almas welfare vehicle.

List of Vehicles on Display   indicates vehicles for display only
  indicates currently-available vehicles

Main Presentation Stage
  Acty Compo
  Acty Sport
  Mobilio Spike Pro

Secondary Presentation Stage
  Acty Cool Shuttle

FCX Corner

Production Vehicle Corner
  Acty Dump (large dump-back construction)
  Acty Lifter W
  Acty Lifter W
  Acty Motorcyle Transporter
  Acty Lorry
  Stream Almas
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