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AutomobileJapanSeptember 18 , 2002
Honda Releases the "Mobilio Spike" --- A New 1.5L Compact Multi-wagon

Tokyo, September 18, 2002 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the Mobilio Spike, a 1.5L multi-wagon with an interior that leads the compact body class for spaciousness*1. It also features a versatile cargo space and distinctive styling that delivers enhanced pleasure and opens the door to new recreational opportunities. The new Mobilio Spike will go on sale on September 19th at Honda automobile dealers nationwide.

The Mobilio Spike is Honda's third model in the Small Max series, following the popular Fit and Mobilio. Honda developed the Mobilio Spike by applying the "garage box" concept, to meet the needs of consumers who view their cars as tools for enjoyment.

Development Themes of the Mobilio Spike
Cargo space: Meets a broad range of stowage requirements
Styling: A distinctive form that owners will love
Cabin: A special space to enjoy either alone or with friends

The Mobilio Spike is able to embody these development themes thanks to the Global Small Platform, which features a center tank layout*2 that permits a spacious, low-floor cabin. The styling imparts an air of distinctive presence, suggestive of much-loved recreational equipment.

The newly developed 1.5L VTEC engine has been combined with the Honda Multimatic S with 7-speed mode*3, for a refreshing, enjoyable driving feel. At the same time, the Mobilio Spike has also been recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as an Excellent Low Emissions Vehicle. All model types meet fuel efficiency requirements for 2010. The Mobilio Spike also incorporates Honda's original G-CON (G-force Control) technology, for a new body designed for crash safety.

*1  5-number, 5-seater with a 1.5L displacement
*2  Fuel tank located under front seat.
*3  7-speed mode is standard in the W and A types.

Mobilio Spike A Type
Mobilio Spike A Type

Main features of the Mobilio Spike

Cargo space: Meets a broad range of stowage requirements

  The Mobilio Spike has a top-of-class cargo area that is 1,855mm*4 deep and 1,110mm tall, creating a spacious 1,045-liter*5 cargo space (with two people on board). Its square cargo space and rear seat with dual-action dive-down/tip-up mechanism makes it easy to stow objects of various sizes and shapes and create a flexible "ULTRA" cargo space.

Utility Mode 

With the special dual-action dive-down mechanism, the rear seat can be stored at a 6:4 ratio in only two steps, and without removing the head rests, to create a 1,855mm-deep flat cargo space.

Long Mode 

In addition to the Utility Mode, the front passenger seat can be fully reclined to create a 2,620mm-deep cargo space perfect for stowing long objects, such as surfboards, skis, and fishing poles.

Twin Mode 

The rear seat can be folded back to create a 1,390mm-high cargo space (effective interior height), allowing the stowage of tall objects such as hanger stands and tall houseplants.

Refresh Mode 

The rear seats can be reclined and the headrests on the front seats removed to create a flat relaxation space, allowing passengers in the rear seat to stretch their legs.

Adjustment Mode 

One side of the 6:4 ratio foldable rear seat can be lowered to create a cargo space large enough to stow up to three mountain bikes and other recreation equipment --- with three passengers on board.


Sliding doors on both sides make it easy to get-in/out and load/unload, even in tight parking spots. The opening is 570mm wide by 1,140mm high, and the low-floor design makes for a step height of only 405mm*6.


For the first time in a car of this class, the left-side sliding door features a power slide function as standard equipment. And the right-side sliding door features an 'easy door closer', for automatic closing when the door is not completely shut (W Type).


Hooks that can hold up to 5kg (wetsuits, battery-operated lanterns, etc.) are installed in the tailgate.


A cargo space with a playing board that can be easily wiped clean is available as a manufacturer's option (comes as the C Kit on the W and A types).

*4  With the front seats slid completely back
*5  Honda in-house measurement according to VDA formula
*6  Front-wheel drive vehicles

Styling: A distinctive form that owners will love

  The Mobilio Spike has a distinctive metal-ingot styling based on the image of a garage full of treasured items or a rugged toolbox that becomes increasingly valued the more it is used.


Extra-thick rear quarter pillars give the vehicle presence and dignity.


The Mobilio Spike is available in 10 body colors to cater to a broad range of tastes.

Cabin: A special space to enjoy alone or with friends

  Black-based design that holds its appeal


The front seat is a foldable bench with large armrests, for a relaxing space that facilitates communication.


The metallic center panel enhances the interior space, while increasing its functionality. (Standard in the W and A types; high-gloss side garnish in the L Package)


White three-gauge cluster for a sporty driving image (W and A types)


Extra space in the area between the extra-thick rear quarter pillars facilitates the free arrangement of objects.


Noise and vibration from the powertrain have been greatly reduced and the body panels have been made more rigid. Also, the latest lightweight, highly effective, sound-suppressing materials are used throughout the interior to ensure a quiet, comfortable ride.

Driving performance

  The Mobilio Spike is equipped with the newly developed 1.5L VTEC engine, which delivers both superb power and fuel economy. Aluminum rocker arms supplement the fuel economy and emissions reduction technologies employed in the i-DSI engine used in the Fit and the Mobilio. Honda went all-out to generate intensive, highly efficient combustion resulting in high power output, high fuel economy, and ultra-low emissions. The 1.5L VTEC engine attains high torque and high power output at mid and high revs and ultra-high fuel economy almost equal to that of a lean burn engine, while maintaining normal stoichiometric (ideal) fuel-air ratio operation. All models have been approved by Japan's Ministry of Transport as " Excellent Low Emissions " vehicles.


Mobilio Spike models are equipped with the Honda Multimatic S, a new-generation automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission) for a smooth ride.


The 7-speed mode (7-speed automatic shift mode, 7-speed manual shift mode) enhances the fun of driving. The Mobilio Spike offers three driving modes (W and A types): CVT; 7-speed automatic shift mode; and 7-speed manual shift mode.


The suspension is basically the same as that of the Mobilio, but the spring rate and the damping force have been specially optimized for the Mobilio Spike, resulting in a smoother ride and better handling.


The electric power steering (EPS) adopted for the Mobilio has been specially tuned, delivering a natural and steady steering feel at all speeds.


Real-time 4WD makes "play" all that more fun.


  Honda's original G-CON (G-force Control) technology is incorporated to create a new body with a crash safety design that offers protection to vehicle occupants in a 55km/h full-frontal collision, a 64km/h front offset collision, 55km/h side collision, and a 50km/h rear collision.
To further improve safety in real-world collisions, Honda has implemented its own vehicle-to-vehicle collision testing program*7 with its own independently established research standards. This collision testing is much more demanding than conventional testing in which the car is crashed into a fixed barrier. The Mobilio Spike's safety design meets even these stringent testing requirements.


Honda has increased the number of body sections designed to reduce pedestrian injury, to protect pedestrians' lower limbs and heads.


In addition to an interior design that protects occupants' heads in a collision, the front-row seats are also designed to alleviate shocks to the head and neck.


An SRS dual front airbag system is fitted as standard.


i-side airbags with front passenger posture detection system are available for the front row as a manufacturer's option (W and A types).


ISO FIX compatible child seat anchoring bars (left and right second-row seats) and tether anchors (left and right second-row seats) are also standard for all models.


HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights (low beam) are a manufacturer's option (W and A types).

*7  50% front offset collision with a 2-ton class vehicle, both vehicles traveling at 50km/h

Environmental performance

  Hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other pollutants in the exhaust have been greatly reduced. In fact, the Mobilio Spike runs so clean that all model types are recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as Excellent Low Emissions Vehicles, with emissions of less than 50% of those allowed under year 2000 emissions regulations.


The Mobilio attains a fuel rating of 17.2km/L*8 --- the highest in the 7-passenger vehicle class. All model types meet Japanese government fuel efficiency requirements for 2010.


Almost all interior injection-molded parts are made of olefin resin for superior recyclability. This and other measures result in an overall vehicle recyclability of over 90%*9.


Use of lead has also been reduced to less than 33% of 1996 levels.

*8  Front-wheel drive vehicles, except the W Type. (Fuel consumption when driven in 10-15 mode. Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport figures.)
*9  According to independent Honda measurement standards
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