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AutomobileJapanMay 23 , 2002
Honda Announces the New NSX-R --- A Pure Sports Edition that Further Enhances the NSX's Superlative Performance Envelope

Tokyo, May 23, 2002 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the NSX-R, a pure sports edition of the NSX with further enhanced driving performance. Since its release in 1990, the NSX has continued to evolve, earning accolades as a true sporting machine. The new NSX-R will go on sale Friday, May 24th at Honda Verno dealers throughout Japan.

The original NSX-R, released as a pure sports model in November 1992, enjoyed a three-year limited production run. Now, seven years later, it is being reintroduced in an all-new form.

The new NSX-R represents a further evolution of the painstaking weight reduction, circuit-tuned suspension refinement, and high-precision engine balancing cultivated in the previous-generation NSX-R. Newly developed aerodynamic devices further enhance high-speed performance, resulting in greater driving performance and handling stability than in its previous incarnation.

  A carbon fiber hood with outlet duct, finned front under-cover, rear diffuser, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and other innovations create a degree of negative lift rarely seen in a street-ready car.
This downforce facilitates a quantum leap in the car's driving performance and handling stability at high speeds.
  Racecar-like responsiveness and powerful acceleration are achieved through high-precision balancing of the crankshaft assembly --- a measure unheard of in production engines --- along with a recalibrated final gear ratio, DBW (Drive By Wire) electronic throttle control, and other specialized tuning.
  The suspension has been hard-tuned to cope with the added downforce, and custom-designed high-grip tires, precision custom chassis tuning, and slitted brake disc rotors with stronger brake pads for potent stopping power have been added, creating a level of handling performance that delivers spirited driving pleasure on or off the circuit.
  In addition to weight reduction measures inherited from the previous-generation NSX-R, the new model employs carbon fiber aerodynamic devices formed using special advanced technologies for even greater weight savings.


  NSX-R --- Main Features

Negative lift for improved aerodynamic performance

  Aerodynamic lift at the front of the car has been reduced to below zero through the use of a carbon fiber hood with an air outlet duct and a finned front under-cover.
  A rear diffuser and carbon fiber rear spoiler reduce rear lift to below zero as well.
  The surface area of the front condenser duct opening has been optimized to control airflow through the body's interior.

Engine and transmission tuning

  The V6 3.2L DOHC VTEC engine employs racing engine assembly technology for enhanced output efficiency and nimble response.
Precision balancing of pistons and connecting rods between each cylinder
Precision dynamic balancing of crankshaft, clutch case, and pulley assembly
Bearing metal measured and matched for more precise metal clearances and reduced friction
  A lower final gear ratio delivers increased acceleration performance.
  Custom-tuned DBW and a decreased accelerator pedal stroke offer improved acceleration response.
  A pre-loaded LSD (limited-slip differential) is employed, with a custom preset weight.

Running gear and chassis tuning

  A hard-tuned suspension, more rigid body, and special roll rigidity balance settings result in superior handling performance in tight turns.
Increased spring rate
Increased damping rate in dampers
Firmer bushings for damper mounts, rear control arms, etc.
Stronger stabilizer bars
Stronger front and rear tower bars
  Custom-designed high-grip tires are adopted. (Bridgestone Potenza RE070?front: 215/40R17; rear: 255/40R17)
  Lightweight forged aluminum wheels (painted a special Championship White) have been jointly developed with BBS (Washibeam Co., Ltd.).
  Slitted 16-inch brake disc rotors and stronger brake pads deliver increased fade resistance.
  The NSX-R is also fitted with a high-response brake master power cylinder and custom-tuned ABS.

Painstaking weight reduction

  The introduction of carbon fiber parts formed using advanced technologies has resulted in further weight reduction.
Carbon fiber front hood with outlet duct, formed of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) using an autoclave
Large, hollow-form, one-piece carbon fiber rear spoiler --- a world first in a production car*1 --- with built-in high-mount brake light
  Other painstaking weight reduction measures include:
Lighter wheels, smaller battery*2, lighter rear damper beam, removal of spare tire (replaced with aerosol-type puncture repair kit), elimination of power door locks and electric adjustable side mirrors, thinner rear partition glass, lightweight floor carpeting, elimination of floor undercoating and melt sheet, elimination of rear bulkhead insulator, elimination of trunk opener switch, and so on.

*1 According to Honda survey
*2 Except vehicles equipped with manufacturer's optional dual SRS airbags, air conditioning, Bose sound system, and HID headlights.

Interior and exterior

  The NSX-R's high-performance cockpit features improved functionality and an exhilarating sports car feel.
Custom ball-shaped titanium shift knob and a lightweight mesh shift boot
Leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel (In airbag-equipped cars, only the leather-wrapped portion is made by Momo)
Recaro carbon fiber Aramid full-bucket seats with leather upholstery
Shift indicator with LEDs that flash then light on to indicate the engine's power peak and rev limit
Aluminum-finish custom center and side panels; carbon fiber panel laminated to side panel and shift plate
High-matt rubber used for dashboard and trim to reduce reflected glare on the front windshield
Instrument panel with carbon-black background and yellow needles
  In addition to the eight standard body colors, the NSX-R is also available in custom Championship White.
  Custom painted headlight garnish (Championship White)
  Red front "H" emblem --- the sign of a genuine Type R
  Aluminum mesh engine maintenance lid and custom-painted red intake manifold cover
  The Custom Order Plan allows a rich variety of interior and exterior color combinations, along with various coordinated premium body and wheel color selections.
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