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MotorcycleItalyDecember 4 , 2002
Honda Announces New 2003 Motorcycle Models for the European Market

Bologna, December 4, 2002 --- Honda Europe Motorcycle S.r.l. unveiled the new motorcycle models for 2003 at the Palazzo Albergati event space in Bologna, Italy. Following is an overview of the main models.

Pantheon / Pantheon 150
This stylish scooter offers a choice between a 125cc or a 150cc water-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The full model change features not just an all-new exterior look, but also a newly developed PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection) system --- previously only available on large sports bikes --- that has been specially designed for smaller models. This is the first time Honda has offered PGM-FI on this class of motorcycle. The PGM-FI gives the Pantheon a smooth, powerful ride and superior fuel economy, combined with the environmental performance to clear European EURO-2 emissions standards for 2003 by a significant margin.
Manufacturer: Honda Italia Industriale S.P.A.
Sales release date: January 2003
Planned vehicle sales (annual): 25,000

Newly developed compact PGM-FI (installed on Pantheon and Pantheon 150)
Honda has applied its miniaturization technology to make maximum use of the wealth of technical know-how accumulated in developing conventional fuel injection for larger bikes. The result is the newly developed PGM-FI, small enough to fit on a small 125cc motorcycle. The compact PGM-FI adds new value to small motorcycles, making them more environment-friendly, with improved performance and economy. Innovations include reducing the number of sensors from eight to six and the total number of system parts from sixteen to nine compared to the conventional system for larger bikes, reducing the cost of the unit. The fuel injection system is significantly lighter and more compact than a conventional carburetor. It also delivers outstanding environmental performance: levels of CO, HC, and NOx exhaust emissions are only 1/6, 1/10, and 1/3 of levels stipulated in EURO-2 regulations, respectively, and fuel economy is approximately 45% higher than the previous Pantheon model equipped with a 2-stroke engine.

Pantheon Cutaway model of compact PGM-FI unit
Pantheon Cutaway model of compact PGM-FI unit

This on-road naked sports model is equipped with a high-performance 4-stroke, in-line 4-cylinder, 1300cc water-cooled engine. A newly designed lightweight, compact engine and frame deliver nimble, powerful performance for a top-quality ride. Painstaking attention was also given to the "feel" of the bike--its pleasing sound and vibration provide added sensory enjoyment. Other features include multi-function digital meters, an under-seat storage space which, at approx. 12.4L, is the largest in its class, and a wealth of optional parts designed to suite the varied tastes of European users.
Sales release date: March 2003
Planned vehicle sales (annual): 4,000

This mid-class, on-road naked sports model is equipped with a 4-stroke, in-line 4-cylinder, 600cc water-cooled engine. A functional electric speedometer and Honda's original anti-theft system have been added as standard equipment, while the basic concept for the vehicle remains unchanged. It also features an environment-friendly engine with heat tube and metal catalytic converter and other enhancements to functionality and environmental performance, along with exterior design changes for a more refined look.
Sales release date: February 2003
Planned vehicle sales (annual): 17,000


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