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Corporate Japan
December 18, 2002
2002/2003 Sales & Production
Corporate Japan
December 18, 2002
Honda Increases Automobile Production Capacity in China
Corporate Japan
December 18, 2002
Honda Announces Business Plan for CY2003
Motorcycle Japan
December 17, 2002
Total Super Cub Production Reaches 35 Million Units
Corporate Japan
December 5, 2002
Introducing a New ASIMO Featuring Intelligence Technology
Motorcycle Italy
December 4, 2002
Honda Announces New 2003 Motorcycle Models
for the European Market
Automobile Japan
December 3, 2002
First Honda FCX Fuel Cell Vehicles
Delivered on Same Day in Japan and the U.S.
Automobile Japan
November 29, 2002
Honda Releases the Fit Aria --- A New Type of Small Sedan
Corporate China
November 25, 2002
Honda Receives Government Certification in China
for Automobile Plant Exclusively for Exports
Automobile Japan
November 22, 2002
Honda FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle Earns Japanese Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport Approval
Automobile Japan
November 13, 2002
Honda Accord / Accord Wagon Wins
Japan Car of the Year Award 2002-2003
Automobile Japan
October 22, 2002
Honda Unveils the Prototype of its FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle,
Planned for Commercial Release This Year
Automobile Japan
October 11, 2002
36th Tokyo Motor Show
Honda Commercial Vehicle Display Outline
Automobile Japan
October 10, 2002
Honda Announces a Full Model Change for the Accord and Accord Wagon
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Automobile Japan
September 18, 2002
Honda Releases the "Mobilio Spike" --- A New 1.5L Compact Multi-Wagon
Motorcycle Belgium
September 12, 2002
Honda Announces 2003 Motorcycle Models for Europe
Automobile Japan
September 12, 2002
Honda Adds a 1.5L Model to the Popular "Fit" Small Car Line-up
Automobile Japan
August 29, 2002
Honda Unveils "InterNavi Premium Club",
a New Information Network Service Using a Voice-Operated Car Navigation System
Automobile Japan
August 8, 2002
Honda Develops Side Curtain Airbag
Motorcycle Japan
July 22, 2002
New Scooter "Today" on Sale for ¥94,800
Power Equipment Japan
July 18, 2002
Honda Begins Monitor Testing of
Its Compact Home-use Cogeneration (Heat/Electricity) Unit
Corporate Japan
July 10, 2002
Honda Announces 3-year Mid-term Business Plan;
Goal is to Reach 20 Million New Customers in FY Ending March 2005
Corporate Taiwan
July 10, 2002
Honda to Begin Local Production in Taiwan
Corporate Japan
July 10, 2002
Honda Expands Production of Auto Powertrain Components in Asia
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Motorcycle China
June 14, 2002
Sundiro Honda Begins Production of New Wave Motorcycle
Corporate Japan
June 12, 2002
Honda Implements the Honda LCA
Environmental Management System
Power Equipment Japan
June 6, 2002
Honda Releases the New HS980i and HS1180i Hybrid Snowblowers
Motorcycle Japan
May 30, 2002
Honda Adds a Special Limited-Edition Model
to the Sporty FORZA and FORZA S Scooter Series
Automobile Japan
May 23, 2002
Honda Announces the New NSX-R --- A Pure Sports Edition that Further Enhances the NSX's Superlative Performance Envelope
Corporate UK
May 15, 2002
Hat Trick Success for Honda Engines
Power EquipmentJapan
May 14, 2002
Launch of the BF20 4-Stroke Marine Outboard Motor, Plus a Full
Model Change for the BF15
Corporate Vietnam
May 10, 2002
Honda Vietnam Begins Exports of "Honda Wave " to the Philippines
Motorcycle Japan
May 9, 2002
Honda Announces New Colors for the Dio and Dio Deluxe 4-Stroke Scooters
Corporate UK
April 23, 2002
Honda Begins Major North American Exports from U.K.
Power Equipment Japan
April 22, 2002
Honda Releases the UMK425 --- The World's Lightest
4-stroke Trimmer
Corporate Japan
April 18, 2002
Honda R&D-Nagoya U. Project Identifies a Gene
Which Influences Height of Rice Plants
Power Equipment Japan
April 10, 2002
HRG415/HRG465 Push Lawnmowers to be Imported from France
for Sale in Japan
Motorcycle Japan
April 9, 2002
Honda Releases the XL230 --- A Sports Bike with a Vintage Look
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Motorcycle Japan
March 29, 2002
Honda Announces Minor Changes for the Sporty FORZA Scooter Series
Corporate USA
March 27, 2002
Honda Adds New "Element" To Lineup
Corporate USA
March 27, 2002
Production-Ready Pilot Steers Course For Honda Lineup
Corporate USA
March 20, 2002
Honda Civic Hybrid Earns 51 MPG EPA Highway Rating
Corporate USA
March 12, 2002
American Honda Invests in Flexcar
Corporate Singapore
February 28, 2002
New ICVS Community Transport System to Start Operation in Singapore
Corporate Japan
February 25, 2002
Outline of the 2002 Honda Formula 1 Grand Prix Challenge
Corporate USA
February 15, 2002
Honda's Humanoid Robot "ASIMO" Rings Opening Bell at the NYSE
Motorcycle Japan
February 14, 2002
Honda Introduces the "Ape100", a New, 5-Speed Mini Sports Bike
Automobile Japan
February 7, 2002
Honda Releases the New "That's" -a New Style of Minicar
Corporate China
January 23, 2002
Honda Announces Motorcycle R&D Center in China
Corporate Vietnam
January 19, 2002
Honda Vietnam Launches New Motorcycle
Corporate Indonesia
January 18, 2002
New Honda Auto Plant Begins Construction in Indonesia
Corporate India
January 15, 2002
Honda Revs up Two-wheeler Sales Target in India
Corporate USA
January 6, 2002
Honda Pilot SUV Unveiled At North American International Auto Show
All New Honda SUV Is Rugged, Versatile and Innovative
Corporate USA
January 6, 2002
Acura RD-X Concept Melds RSX Sport Coupe Performance,
MDX 4-Wheel Drive Capability and Adds High-Tech Functionality
Corporate USA
January 3, 2002
Honda Accord Best-Selling Car in 2001
Regains Title After a Decade
Corporate USA
January 3, 2002
Honda To Build Model X Concept
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