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Honda Introduces All-New Automobile Driving Simulator

Tokyo, April 17, 2001 -- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that on June 18, 2001 it will introduce an all-new automobile driving simulator with an advanced 6-axis motion base*1 (sway-motion device) that closely approximates vehicle dynamics in real world situations to provide driver trainees with instruction in safe driving techniques.

Honda has long supported safe driving environment through both the development of product technologies and promotion of safe-driving programs. The automobile driving simulator is Honda's second simulator product for safety education, following the 1996 introduction of the first generation motorcycle riding simulator. By providing simulated risk pattern experiences that are likely to be encountered on the road, the new driving simulator aims to effectively enhance drivers' ability to anticipate approaching dangers and improve overall safety awareness.

Potential applications of the new driving simulator include beginner training at driving schools and safe driving education for employees who already have their license, within companies seeking to promote safety.

Main features of the driving simulator
1) The 6-axis motion base and a seat with vibration functions have been adopted for the first time for the education of general drivers. The 6-axis motion base system consists of a cockpit with 6 cylinders activated by electric motors. The position and slant of the cockpit can be flexibly changed (6 degrees of freedom) by expanding and contracting the cylinders. These functions provide trainees an experience that simulates real world driving feel for acceleration, deceleration and cornering.
2) The CinemaScopic projection device ensures a wide field of vision with high-quality images. Image processing was also applied to give buildings and other background a more life-like appearance.
3) The system accommodates training for both automatic transmission (AT) and manual transmission (MT) driving, with the shift lever and pedals for both AT and MT systems. The MT clutch pedal can be electronically positioned or retracted.
4) A compact, low-height configuration was achieved while still adopting the 6-axis motion base system.

*1 6-axis motion base : A six-cylinder apparatus which can freely change the position and slant of the cockpit through the expansion and contraction of the cylinders (6 degrees of freedom), powered by an electric motor.

Honda automobile driving simulator
Honda automobile driving simulator