Honda-The Power of Dreams
Honda to Begin Development of ICVS System in Singapore;
New Environmentally-Friendly Community Transportation Concept

Singapore, March 26, 2001 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd., will begin research and development in April 2001 for the commercialization of a new Intelligent Community Vehicle System (ICVS) transportation network in the Republic of Singapore.

Honda ICVS Singapore Pte. Ltd., a company established by Honda in February 2001, will lead the ICVS research and development activities. The new company will trial the ICVS concept by establishing "ports" (exclusive parking lots) for ICVS vehicles at major destinations in Singapore. Honda ICVS Singapore also will take responsibility for marketing the system to people most likely to make frequent trips between the designated ports and will study the feasibility of a fully commercialized ICVS system in the future.

Singapore is a likely candidate for an ICVS system because of its unique characteristics - small size and limited land - which make common ownership and use of vehicles an extremely appropriate concept. Further, the Singapore government is targeting economic development through advanced technologies, such as the sophisticated control technologies required for an ICVS system - resulting in the understanding and cooperation of the government.

Honda's newly proposed ICVS system maintains the basic concept of personal transportation through a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric automobiles, hybrid automobiles or battery assisted bicycles that are shared by local residents who become ICVS members.

By combining the ICVS system with public transportation and member-owned vehicles, the goal is to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and reduce traffic problems, including limited parking and road congestion.

Honda ICVS Singapore Pte. Ltd.

President: Toshio Nakauchi
Location: City of Singapore
Founded: February 6, 2001
Capital: 4 million Singapore dollars
Investor: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 100%
Business: Research & development and experimental operation of ICVS

History of Honda ICVS Development

October 1994 Concept of ICVS announced in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
April 1996 ICVS concept models introduced at "Metropolis '96 Tokyo."
Oct. 1998-
June 2000
Public demonstration of ICVS conducted at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan - using four types of ICVS vehicles.
Feb.-Nov. 1999 Honda co-sponsors a mass transit station ICVS concept experiment with the University of California - Davis Institute of Transportation Studies - using 12 natural gas-powered Honda Civics at the Dublin-Pleasanton station of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) outside San Francisco, California, USA.
March 1999 - Honda co-sponsors the IntelliShare program, a free rent-and-return ICVS experiment with the University of California - Riverside, using 15 EV Plus electric vehicles on the UC-Riverside campus.