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Honda Introduces the US-made 1800cc "Gold Wing" Touring Bike

Tokyo, August 22, 2001 --- Honda's "Gold Wing" touring bike has gone through a full model change for the first time in 13 years. Made at Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM), the new model has a larger, 1800cc engine. The new Gold Wing will be available starting August 23nd, 2001 through Honda's dealer network across Japan.

Standing tall at the top of Honda's motorcycle line-up, the Gold Wing was first introduced as the GL1000 in 1975 and was an export model for the United States. Production was moved to the United States when it became the GL1100 in 1980. With a 1500cc engine, it became available in Japan as the "Gold Wing" in 1988. It is highly regarded for its extensive list of deluxe features and the effortless riding associated with its large engine capacity.

This latest Gold Wing features a newly developed water-cooled 4-stroke, horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine. Displacing some 1800cc, this engine has a low center of gravity and combines tremendous power with world-leading environmental-friendliness thanks to the new "HECS3" (Honda Evolution Catalyzing system 3) 3-way catalytic converter.

The newly developed aluminum frame has been designed for superior rigidity and lightness. Together with an optimized riding position, this combines to endow the new Gold Wing with superior handling and maneuverability. The passenger seat has been designed to reduce fatigue on long trips by offering first-class comfort.

Gold Wing
Gold Wing