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Honda Announces New "ZOOMER" 50cc 'Naked' Scooter

Tokyo, May 22, 2001 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the June 1, 2001 release of the "Zoomer," a new scooter powered by a quiet, fuel efficient, low emission 50cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine and featuring a playful uncowled "naked" design.
The Zoomer is the second product to be created by Honda's N Project* development team (after the Ape motorcycle), and as such features styling and design crafted specifically to appeal to the sensibilities of younger riders favoring a stronger, more distinctive personality and character. Essential design features include distinctive "naked" styling, extra-wide tires on both front and rear, and dual headlights. The Zoomer's frame is comprised of the same aluminum module used in the Crea Scoopy combined with steel-tube frame members.
The Zoomer's power unit is the same 50cc 4-stroke engine proven in the Crea Scoopy and Dio scooters, well known for good environmental friendliness and a brisk yet nimble ride.
Anti-theft measures include a locking ignition switch cover and U-lock storage space beneath the seat, as well as pre-wiring to accommodate a dealer optional ImmobiAlarm system.


* The "N (New) Project" is a development team comprised of young designers dedicated to creating new products specifically designed to appeal to the unique needs and wants of a younger generation.

Primary Features of the Zoomer
New "Naked" Design Brimming with Strong Personality

The Zoomer's frame combines the front aluminum module used in the Crea Scoopy with steel-tube type frame members in the back, resulting in a completely new variety of naked scooter styling, featuring unique strength of character and an unusual personality. Both the body and steel tube frame portions have been color matched to enhance the scooter's playfully stylish look, garnished by a distinctive pair of twin headlights.

Environmentally Friendly Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke Engine
The Zoomer's engine is based on the same quiet, environmentally friendly liquid-cooled 4-stroke proven in Honda scooters like the Crea Scoopy and Dio, but its intake and exhaust and drive systems have been further refined to ensure an even brisker, nimbler ride.

Extra-Wide Tires
Extra-wide tires at both front and rear match the Zoomer's strong personality by accenting its powerful styling. Tire sizes are 120/90-10 at the front and 130/90-10 in the rear.

Large Under-Seat Carrying Space Accommodates Unusual Cargo
The large free space beneath the Zoomer's seat can accommodate all manner of cargo,* including even unusually shaped items like skateboards and sports bags, offering flexibility well adaptable to the whims and needs of active, fashionable riders.
* Carried items must be secured sufficiently using rope, bungee cord, rubber netting or other type of fastener. Carrying heavy or fragile items is not recommended.

High-Security Anti-Theft Measures
The Zoomer's anti-theft measures include a locking ignition switch cover, locking steel fuel tank cap, and U-lock storage space under the seat. In addition to these, the scooter also comes pre-wired to accommodate the installation of the ImmobiAlarm as a dealer option.

Shiny Orange; Classical White; Black

The Name "ZOOMER"
The name "Zoomer" was chosen for its connotations of a person who "zooms" from one thing to another, embracing an active, creative lifestyle, as well as for the idea of "zooming" like a camera to bring a wider range of lifestyle possibilities into focus.

SPECIFICATIONS (Please note that this information is only available in Japan)
Model Name ZOOMER
Type Honda BA-AF58
Dimensions 1,860 x 735 x 1,025mm
Wheelbase 1,265mm
Ground Clearance 145mm
Seat Height 735mm
Curb Weight / Dry Weight 84kg / 79kg
Fuel Consumption 75km/liter (at 30km/h)
Turning Radius 1.9 meters
Engine Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke single
Displacement 49cm3
Bore x Stroke 38mm x 44mm
Compression Ratio 12.0
Max. Power Output 3.6kW[4.9PS]/8,000rpm
Max. Torque 4.5Nm[0.46kg-m]/7,000rpm
Carburetor Type NVK00C
Starter Electric (w/ auxiliary kick starter)
Ignition CDI
Lubrication Pressurized droplet
Oil Capacity 0.7 liters
Fuel Capacity 5.0 liters
Clutch Dry multiplate shoe
Transmission V-Matic
Transmission Ratio Continuous 2.80-0.86
Caster Angle & Trail 26º30'
Tires Front 120/90-10 54J
Rear 130/90-10 59J
Brakes Front Leading/trailing drum
Rear Leading/trailing drum
Suspension Front Telescopic fork
Rear Unit swingarm
Frame Underbone (single cradle)