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CorporateJapanApril 17, 2001
Honda Introduces Second Generation Motorcycle Riding Simulator

Tokyo, April 17, 2001 -- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that on July 18, 2001 it will introduce an all-new, second generation motorcycle riding simulator for safe rider education.

Since its introduction in 1996, Honda's first generation riding simulator has been highly evaluated during its use at riding schools in helping riders obtain large-size motorcycle licenses and in the re-education of motorcycle riders. A total of more than 200 of the first-generation riding simulators have been used in Japan and overseas, providing risk-prediction training in situations where actual on-road rider training is difficult to obtain.

The new, second-generation riding simulator retains the original concept, while enhancing its appeal by achieving a further evolution of the functions necessary for rider education, with a yet more compact body and at a lower price.

Main features of the riding simulator
1) Further evolution of the lean-sensor, a built-in device in the seat, which detects a rider's shift in weight and helps reproduce more natural handling and cornering feel.
2) The size of the video display screen has been expanded by 4 inches to 56 inches to create a more natural field of vision. Image processing has also been applied to give buildings and other background a more life-like appearance.
3) Through new software and the ability to adjust the actual seat and fuel tank, the system can now simulate a variety of motorcycles ranging from 50cc scooter to a large-sized motorcycle. The riding position and operation are now even closer to a real-life riding experience.
4) The overall size has been made considerably more compact and a lower price has been achieved.

Honda motorcycle riding simulator
Honda motorcycle riding simulator
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