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AutomobileJapanJune 21, 2001
Honda Launches New Small FIT

Tokyo,June 21, 2001 -- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced a new subcompact car to the Japanese market, built on its space-efficient global small platform, showcasing some of the company's latest advances in automotive engineering. This new model, called the Fit, is equipped with an i-DSI *1 engine that delivers the ultimate in combustion efficiency and world-beating fuel economy of 23 km/l *2. Other attractive features include a spacious interior, variable seating arrangements, and innovative, original styling. The 1.3L Fit will be available starting June 22nd*3 at Honda automobile dealers across Japan.

In developing the Fit, Honda has succeeded in meeting a number of performance goals. The new Fit boasts the world's highest levels of safety and environmental friendliness, while delivering superb handling, fuel economy, distinctive styling and driving pleasure. Honda has raised the bar on the kind of performance expected in a subcompact car, doing its utmost to answer all of its customers' requirements in a single vehicle. This is the ultimate goal of the "Personal MAX" concept based on which the Fit was designed.

The newly developed global small platform is the key technology around which the Fit is designed. Honda engineers have located the gas tank centrally on the platform --- a unique layout which, coupled with G-control technology, achieves a greater level of crashworthiness. Also, the shortened front end and more compact suspension system allow the floor to be lowered, creating an unprecedented amount of cabin space for such a small vehicle.

The inclusion of dual door sills that shut out exterior noise and a variety of storage spaces has helped achieve a supremely quiet, comfortable, spacious interior.

Fit is the first in Honda's new SMALL MAX vehicle lineup, which will employ the global small platform, the new i-series engines, and other groundbreaking technologies to create a new generation of automobiles that bring the customer more automotive value than ever before.

*1: DSI: Dual & Sequential Ignition
*2: FF 10-15 mode, Ministry of Transport test figure (excludes models equipped with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels)
*3: 4WD version available from July 31. 4WD available also on the Fit Almas, due out early in September.

Fit A Type (Options Available)

Main Features

Environmental Impact

The Fit's exhaust system greatly reduces harmful HC and NOx emissions. This clean-running vehicle surpasses domestic emission control regulations for the year 2000 by as much as 50%. All models have been approved by Japan's Ministry of Transport as "Low Emissions Excellence" vehicles.

Fuel economy is among the world's best at 23km/l. All models in the Fit series meet or exceed Japanese fuel economy standards through to 2010.

Honda also pays strict attention to recycling, right from the start of production. Almost all interior formed parts are made of highly recyclable olefin. In fact, Honda has achieved more than 90% recyclability*4 for this new series.

  *4 Figure courtesy of Honda. Motor Co., Ltd.

Fit Almas

Main Features

Doors swing open to a wide 70 degrees, lower cabin floor and more cabin space. Swivel seats for easier entry and exit.

Tip-up seat arrangement for the rear (Tall Mode), permitting a wheelchair to be loaded from the rear door.

Framing and design by Honda Tokuso Co., Ltd..

FIT Almas(A)
Fit Almas (A)
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