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AutomobileJapanFebruary 23, 1999
Honda Introduces - a New Open Car Body Structure - Providing the Rigidity and Collision Safety of a Non-Convertible

Tokyo, February 23, 1999 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the development of - a new open car body structure - offering the same level of rigidity and collision safety as that of a closed body.

To develop this new-generation open car body structure, Honda rejected conventional approaches and implemented a new "high X-bone frame" in which the central floor tunnel serves as the backbone of a structure connecting to both front and rear side members on a single horizontal plane to form an X-shaped structure. The completely straightened side member, center floor tunnel, side sills, and central floor frame are all connected together, creating a light open car body structure with the rigidity and collision safety of a closed one.

This new body structure will be introduced in the S2000 model scheduled to be launched in Japan this spring.

New open car body structure

New open car body structure

New open car body structure
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