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Honda Presents the Technical Features of Its Solar Power Generation System

Tokyo, April 14, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. presented the technical features of its solar power generation system today. This system is another aspect of the broad effort Honda is making in the development of cleaner sources of energy.

The system uses lenses to concentrate solar energy and achieve high-energy magnification before irradiating high efficiency solar cells. Concentrating solar energy in this way has enabled a significant reduction in the number of solar cells and a corresponding reduction of the system's overall cost. This system also "follows the sun" for maximum efficiency.

The condenser-type solar cells are made by SunPower Corporation (California, U.S.A.) in which Honda is now a shareholder.

This technology will be shown to the public inside Twin Ring Motegi's Fan Fun Lab starting April 15, 1998. Construction of an "eco-energy cottage", featuring this solar power generation system together with Honda's other home-use absorption-type heat pump air conditioner, gas heat pump air conditioner, and home-use cogeneration system, is progressing toward completion by June 1, 1998.

Distinctive features:

  • World-leading magnifying power (over 270 times) for a non-research-type condenser.
  • Compared to conventional solar energy power generation systems, this system requires only about one-thousandth the number of solar cells for a significant reduction in both construction expenses and cost per unit of energy produced.
  • This system also follows the sun for maximum solar energy conversion efficiency.

Solar energy condenser (model illustration)
Solar energy condenser (model illustration)

Solar power generation system model
Solar power generation system model

Fan Fun Lab display model specifications:

Power generation 720W
Mirror surface 5.0m2
Total weight 150 kg
Lens unit size 255mm x 255mm
Number of lenses 72
Tracking system 2-axis (azimuth and elevation angles)