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Honda Introduces the BF115/130, the World's First 115/130PS Large Displacement 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Tokyo, February 10, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced today the world's first two large capacity 4-stroke outboard motors meeting the Marine Engine Emission Standards set for the year 2006 by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. The BF115 and BF130 incorporate very economical, durable 4-stroke engines rated at 115PS and 130PS respectively. They will be available in Japan for the first time starting April 20, 1998.

This BF115/130 series was developed under the concept "human- and environment-friendly, economical 4-stroke engines of high quality". It both increases the output of the most powerful 4-stroke outboard motors in the world from 90PS to 130PS, and at the same time, passes by a wide margin the Marine Engine Emission Standards for 2006, the last year in the gradual emission reduction program set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Honda not only called upon its vast expertise in 4-stroke engines acquired since the introduction of its first outboard motor in 1964, but also adopted electronic Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and twin-balancer shafts for the first time in outboard motors. At the same time, adopting BF90 frame parts and utilizing automotive engine parts have contributed to increased reliability and low production costs.

These engines are designed for use in rivers and lakes as well as for cruising and sports fishing at sea. High torque at low engine speeds and low exhaust emissions also make them the perfect choice for the fish farming and seaweed cultivation industries.

With the introduction of this BF115/130 series, Honda's outboard motor lineup of 13 models in 61 types is now able to meet a wide variety of needs extending from 2PS to 130PS.

From the BF2 to the BF90, all the outboard motors belonging to the BF series have passed the EPA 1998 certification with full-scale production and sale worldwide following since last year. The BF115/130 engines will be planned to pass the EPA 1998 certification in March.

BF130 Outboard Motor
BF130 Outboard Motor

Domestic annual sales target (BF115/130 series): 500 units

Main features:

  • Outboard motors surpass by a wide margin the Marine Engine Emission Standards for 2006, the last year of the gradual emission reduction program set by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.
  • 2,254cc 4-stroke in-line 4-cylinder SOHC 16-valve engine with centrally located ignition plug and long-port inlet manifold for improved combustion efficiency.
  • Adoption of electronic Programmed Fuel Injection for the first time in large displacement 4-stroke outboard motors for easy start-up, reduced fuel consumption, and stable low-speed trawling capacity.
  • Adoption of a second-order twin-balancer shaft system for smooth operation.
  • Sharing of engine parts with the Accord passenger car and frame parts with the BF90 for increased reliability and reduced production costs.
  • Class-leading 40A charging capacity and counter-rotating option for increased versatility.


Model name BF115A BF130A
Length (mm) 825
Width (mm) 550
Height (mm) 1,650 1,775 1,650 1,775
Dry weight
(including propeller)
225 230 225 230
Transam height (mm) 537 664 537 664
Engine Model code BEBD BEBE
Construction Gasoline 4-stroke, SOHC in-line 4
Displacement (cc) 2,254
Max. power 85.8kW(115PS)/5,500 97.0kW(130PS)/5,500
Full throttle engine speed (rpm) 5,000-6,000
Fuel supply Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Ignition fully transistorized
Generator capacity (V/A) 12V/40A
Cooling system water-cooled with thermostat
Exhaust in-water exhaust (propeller shaft base)
Gear ratio 2.00:1 (28/14)