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Honda Introduces ICVS, a Regional Traffic System for the Near Future, at Twin Ring Motegi

Tokyo, March 11, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that on March 21, it would start the operation of ICVS (Intelligent Community Vehicle System), using small electric vehicles and other vehicles, at Twin Ring Motegi, in Tochigi Prefecture.

ICVS is a regional traffic system for the near future, suggested by Honda. Its concept was first announced in Detroit in October 1994. In April 1996, Honda unveiled the concept model to be used for ICVS at Metropolis '96 Tokyo.

ICVS vehicles, such as small electric vehicles and motor-assisted bicycles, are shared in daily life by registered members of the local community and neighboring areas, while automobiles and other systems of transportation are used for long-distance travel. The purpose of ICVS is to reduce the automotive influences on the environment.

With the introduction of the ICVS at Twin Ring Motegi, a model transportation system for the near future has been realized. Honda aims to contribute by providing concrete solutions to transportation problems.

The following six ICVS vehicles and related items used are announced at this time:

Motor-assisted bicycle ICVS Racoon
Small single-seater electric vehicles ICVS Mon Pal
Single-seater hybrid vehicles ICVS Step Deck
Small two-seater electric vehicles ICVS City Pal
A port terminal for control of the vehicles and users
IC cards recording information on members when using the system

These vehicles and items will be exhibited at the Honda Fan Fun Lab, which will be open to the public from March 21. At Twin Ring Motegi, operation of the ICVS Racoon will start on March 21. The ICVS Mon Pal is scheduled to be available this summer, followed by the ICVS Step Deck and ICVS City Pal in autumn.

Specifications of the ICVS Racoon

* Overall length 1,885 mm
* Overall width 580 mm
* Type of motor Permanent-magnet commutator motor
* Motor assistance by speed range 0-15km/h (proportional assist)
15-23km/h (gradually decreasing assist)
* Cruising distance 27km (measured at Honda mode)

Specifications of the ICVS Mon Pal

* Overall length 1,450mm
* Overall width 690mm
* Type of motor Permanent-magnet commutator motor
* Drive system Rear-wheel drive
* Top speed Forward: 6 km/h - Extremely low speed: 1 km/h
Reverse: 2 km/h
* Seating capacity One person

Specifications of the ICVS Step Deck

* Overall length 2,400mm
* Overall width 1,150mm
* Type of motor Hybrid combining a 50cc liquid-cooled four cycle engine
and a permanent-magnet synchronous motor
* Drive system Rear-wheel drive
* Top speed 60 km/h
* Seating capacity One person

Specifications of the ICVS City Pal

* Overall length 3,210mm
* Overall width 1,645mm
* Type of motor Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
* Drive system Front-wheel drive
* Top speed 110 km/h
* Driving distance 130 km / one charge
* Seating capacity Two persons