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CorporateJapanMarch 17, 1998
Honda 50th Anniversary Commemorative Programs Begin

Tokyo, March 17, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd., founded in 1948, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. With the slogan of Thank you, Let's Have Fun and Have Dreams, the company has a number of special programs and events held at the Honda World at Twin Ring Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture.

  • Creation of Honda World
    Twin Ring Motegi was designed to let visitors experience the excitement and joy of motorsports as well as to serve as a source of information regarding our mobile society where people can learn about driving safety. This unique complex, featuring two different circuits, provides many kinds of information for the automotive society.

    On site, a number of products representing the company's 50-year history are exhibited in the Honda Collection Hall.

    Additionally, Honda Fan Fun Lab will be open to the public for a limited period of one year. This special facility highlights some of the company's current activities and R&D programs for the future.

    These three facilities form the Honda World where one can look at both the past and present activities of the company as well as future technologies and themes.

  • Vision for the 21st Century
    Honda will issue a booklet entitled Your Song is Honda's Song to express the company's visions for the 21st century. On the occasion of Honda's 50th anniversary, the company again recognizes a new challenging spirit toward the 21st century.

  • Compilation of Corporate History
    Approximately 400 people in the company are involved in the compilation of the Honda Corporate History, which will be completed in March 1999. It will be made available not only as a book, but also through inter-company LAN network and Internet exposure. The company's activities abroad are also featured.

  • Thank You from Honda Fiesta
    The main event in the 50th anniversary program will be held at Twin Ring Motegi on October 4th (Sun.), 1998. Honda is planning various programs to thank each one of their supporters over the last 50 years. Legendary racing drivers and riders, with marvelous achievements to their credit, will also be invited.

  • Honda History Exhibition
    Thanking neighbors of Honda facilities, Honda exhibits old Honda products, valuable references and memorable photographs. The exhibition will begin in Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, in April, then at Aoyama headquarters in May. The program will tour around a total of eight domestic and international Honda operations.

  • Honda World Experience Tour
    All Honda employees and their families are invited to visit the Honda World for a deeper understanding of Honda's history, current activities, and its future.

    Through these special programs and events, Honda wishes to extend special thanks to those who have supported us for 50 years. At the same time, the 50th anniversary should mark a step forward toward another challenge in the 21st century.

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