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AutomobileJapanFebruary 13, 1998
Low-Pollution Gasoline-Engine LEV Added to Upgraded Domani Series

Tokyo, February 13, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it has added an LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) model to the popular Domani series of sedans, which are characterized by high, above-class performance, elegant styling and luxurious interior fittings. The "16LEV" grade boasts exhaust emission levels of pollutants about one-tenth the levels stipulated by Japanese regulations. The series has also been upgraded to make ABS brakes a standard fitting, with a variety of other small changes. They will be available from February 13 at Clio dealers throughout Japan.

Main features of Domani series upgrade

Safety and environmental points:
  • Introduction of a new LEV model, the "16LEV," with exhaust emission levels of pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) about one-tenth the levels stipulated by Japanese regulations
  • ABS brakes are now standard throughout the series (the 16X has always had them as standard)

Interior/exterior improvements:

  • Special UV-absorbent glass designed to cut high-energy radiation now fitted as standard throughout the series
  • Some changes made to the exterior colors
  • Rear seat pillow headrests and armrest afford back-seat passengers extra comfort (16G)
  • New color option for interior upholstery (taupe)
  • Wood paneling around the driver seat (16X)
  • VICS now available with the car navigation system (optional)

Domani 16LEV
Domani 16LEV

Domestic monthly sales target: 750 units
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