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MotorcycleJapanFebruary 20, 1998
Honda Announces Launch of Improved Racoon Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle with Greater Load-Carrying Capacity

Tokyo, February 20, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the new Honda Racoon 26LX-3B electric power-assisted bicycle, which will go on sale on March 10. The Racoon, although it can be ridden as easily as any ordinary bicycle, makes going up hills or carrying loads that much easier. The new version boasts 26-inch wheels with tough stainless-steel rims, and also has a rear carrier attachment fitted as standard to enable heavier loads to be carried.

The new 26LX-3B Racoon has a V-shape frame that makes it easy for anyone to ride. The battery not only provides power for slopes or heavy loads, but also powers a 3.8W headlight. It also contains a power level safety indicator that indicates how much energy remains with a simple push of a button.

The front carrier basket has been enlarged and strengthened to enable it to carry 4 kg of goods (formerly 3 kg), and the rear carrier attachment, previously optional, has now become a standard fitting. It, too, has been redesigned to allow it to carry more weight - up to 10 kg of goods, (formerly 7 kg). Even when loaded, the Racoon is still easy to ride thanks to a design that reduces the effect of load on the steering.

The compact battery - about the same size as a thin A4-sized book - is positioned conveniently behind the frame-mounted front basket. The Racoon comes in smart Pyrenean Beige.

Honda Racoon 26LX-3B
Honda Racoon 26LX-3B

Domestic annual sales target: 36,000 units

Main specifications:

Model Racoon 26LX-3B
Type UB06 (power-assisted bicycle)
Length x width (m) 1.885x0.580
Saddle height (m) 0.770~0.920
Wheelbase (m) 1.155
Weight (kg) 31
Tires 26x650A (front and rear)
Motive power DC brush motor
Standard power output (W) 220
Range on a single charge (km) 27 (Honda mode)
Supplementary speed range (proportional power supply mode/ diminishing power supply mode) (gears set to 'fast' setting)
0 ~ 15 km/h
15 ~ 23km/h
Power transmission method chain
Brakes front wheel: side-pull calipers
rear wheel: rollers
Battery type nickel-cadmium
Battery capacity 24V-5Ah
Battery charger (type/charging time) switching regulator-type
/max.charging 3.5 hrs
Gears 3-speed, hand-operated
Headlight battery-operated
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