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Honda Adds New "Almas" Version to StepWGN (Step Wagon) Line-Up

Tokyo, August 25, 1997 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. bolstered its StepWGN line-up with the introduction today of the "StepWGN Almas1". This latest addition to the popular family mover "StepWGN" line-up features a hydro-electric lift to lower/raise the second row left side seat, thus helping disabled people in getting on board. This "StepWGN Almas" will be made available through Honda's Primo, Verno and Clio networks nationwide starting August 25.

The "StepWGN Almas" follows in the steps of the "Acty Almas" introduced in June 1995, answering to market requests for a vehicle better suited for medium to long range travel by car. This "StepWGN Almas" features a seat-on-lift system which is increasingly popular among cars for elderly and physically challenged people. The second row left side seat can be lowered sufficiently to make the move to and from a wheel-chair an easy affair. ABS and dual SRS airbag systems are included as standard equipment.

The "StepWGN Almas" can be further equipped through Honda Tokuso Co., Ltd.

Note: 1 "Almas" is a made-up word coming from the Spanish "alma" for heart.
It expresses the heart put into the development of this new version.

StepWGN Almas W type
StepWGN Almas W type

Domestic Yearly Sales Target: 200 units per annum

Main Features

  • Hydro-electric seat lifter on second row left-hand side seat. Maximum load is 100 kgs, with an up/down lift range of 448mm.
  • The second row left-hand side seat is designed to help keep passenger posture even during lifting/lowering operations. To this end, the captain chair-style seat is specially equipped with an armrest, a chest belt, a foldable foot plate and a reclining seatback.
  • Easy operation with seat rotation and lift in two separate motions.
  • Wheelchair storage space with locking device on the 3rd row of seats.
  • Passenger capacity is 5 passengers.

Main Standard Equipment:

  • Dual SRS airbag system
  • ABS
  • Dual air conditioner (G type: manual, W type :automatic)
  • AM/FM radio/cassette with 4 speakers
  • Electric remote control door mirrors
  • Tinted glass on rear door windows, rear side windows and rear tailgate (W type)
  • "Easy Door Closer" type rear sliding door (W type)

Major options:
4 wheel drive
Honda navigation system
Double electric sunroof