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Honda's Odyssey Goes Through a Minor Model Change

Tokyo, August 22, 1997 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced today its new Odyssey, following a minor model change. Highly praised for combining the utility of a one-box vehicle with sedan-like comfort and driving performance, the Odyssey is now even better equipped and features a newly designed 2.3-liter VTEC engine for further enhanced smoothness and fuel economy. The new Odyssey will be sold through Honda's Primo, Clio and Verno dealerships nationwide starting August 22.

A stylish new "S" kit (available as an option throughout the range) includes aero-parts to further enhance the sporty exterior design, while additional seat arrangements, including full-flat front seats, are now possible on the inside. Further convenience items like a print-type antenna, also add up to make this new Odyssey an even more attractive choice than ever before.

Odyssey M type with "S" kit
Odyssey M type with "S" kit

Monthly Domestic Sales Target: 6,000 units

Main Features

  • New 2.3-liter 4 cylinder engine with VTEC producing 150ps at 5,600rpm and 20.8kgm of torque at 4,700rpm. This new power plant combines improved performance with reduced fuel consumption and noise levels.
  • New automatic transmission boasting a wider lock-up range for further improved fuel consumption.
  • New compact, lightweight ABS system and second row seatbelts with child seat locking mechanism.
  • New driver side SRS using a Non-Azide1 type inflator, while the passenger side SRS adopts a high pressure Argon gas/ Non-Azide inflator hybrid system.
  • Print-type antenna (on "L" and "M" types) and omni-directional keyless entry system (all types).
  • Color-coded tail gate spoiler (all types), new wheel cap design (on "M" and "S" types).
  • Redesigned interior:
    • new meter-cluster including tachometer and exterior temperature functions (tachometer only on "S" types).
    • separate left-right front cup holders.
    • central steering horn button.
    • full-flat front seat arrangement.
    • adjustable front seat armrest ("L" type).
    • middle row bench seat with armrest ("L" and "M" types).
    • new, high quality seat material ("S" type).
  • UV-cut glass (now also available on "M" and "L" types).2
  • 7 body colors including three new colors.
  • "S" kit available throughout the range:
    • front and rear underskirt.
    • color-coded side seal. (from here on below the following features are standard on "L" type, optional on "M" and "S" types).
    • color-coded door handles.
    • color-coded side protector molds.
    • specifically designed alloy wheels (bright type).
    • exhaust pipe finisher.
  • New Honda Navigation System as a factory installed maker option:
    • 6-inch wide display with twin-map function.
    • two-way "Inter Navi System".3
    • interconnection with the VICS road information system ( optional receiver)
    • pre-setting of up to 5 check points on the way to destination.
    • "Highway Guide" function
    • landmark display function
  • Dressing-up of Odyssey "Field Deck" and "Trailer Hitch" types can be arranged through Honda Tokuso Co., Ltd.


  1. Azide is the metallic valence of Hydrogen in hydrogen azide. Most are explosive substances with lead azide usually used for blasting caps.
  2. UV-reflecting glass used on windshield, UV-cut glass on front corner windows and front door windows on "M" and "S" types. "S" type models are further equipped with UV-cut glass on rear door windows, rear side windows, and tailgate window.
  3. The "Inter Navi Information Center" will start providing information in Inter Navi extended format starting January 1998. For safety reasons, operation while on the move is intentionally restricted. "Inter Navi System" is a brand name owned by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.