HYPER VTEC , Valve Control System with Valve Pausing Mechanism

Development of "Direct actuated” Type Valve Control System for the Engines of Sports Type Motorcycles.

With the growth of interest in global environmental protection, measures are being actively taken also in the development of motorcycles, such as the improvement of fuel consumption rate, cleaning exhaust gas and the reduction of driving noise. The reconciliation of the measures for environmental protection and engine output is a technically difficult problem.
Honda has developed a "direct-actuated" type valve control system, "HYPER VTEC" (Variable valve timing and lift electronic control system), which will reconcile engine output and environmental protection measures for sports type motorcycle engines, for which high rotation and high power are required.

Honda has thus far developed variable valve control systems, such as the REV mechanism developed for motorcycles in 1983, VTEC mechanism having further developed the REV mechanism and recognized worldwide for application to automobiles and various VTEC mechanisms controlling variable valves by incorporating hydraulic circuit in locker-arms.
For sports type motorcycle engines, however, the mainstream is a "direct-push dynamic" valve system, in which cams directly drive valves, from the need of pursuing high revolution and high power. Sports type motorcycle engines requiring a high revolution zone of over 10,000rpm is commonly used at times. To reconcile such high revolution and high power with environmental protection measures, an entirely new and compact "direct-actuated" valve type variable valve control system with built-in hydraulic mechanism in valve lifters, HYPER VTEC, was developed. The HYPER VTEC is at present the only VTEC system without passage through the locker arms, including those used for automobiles.

* HYPER VTEC is a trademark of Honda Motors Co., Ltd.


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