HYPER VTEC , Valve Control System with Valve Pausing Mechanism
Direct-actuated type HYPER VTEC Reconciling High Revolution and High Power and Environmental Performance
Points of HYPER VTEC development
Further Evolution to HYPER VTEC SPEC II and III
From REV to VTEC. Variable Valve Control System ever evolving
REV born from aiming at reconciliation of 200PS per liter and low revolution range performance
Starting point of VTEC.
Revolution responding type valve pausing mechanism "REV"
VTEC meeting with various requirements, such as practical use types and low fuel consumption types
Intelligent new-generation engines, DOHC i-VTEC
Mechanism of direct-actuated type variable valve control system, HYPER VTEC
Goal of Development of Valve Control System for Sports Type Motorcycle Engines
Hydraulic Control System for Valve Shutdown
Merits of Direct-Actuated Type Variable Valve Control System, HYPER VTEC
Engine Output Characteristic
Reduction of Friction and Improvement of Fuel Consumption Rate
Effect of Reducing Drive Noise

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