Outstanding Features of Riding Simulators

Honda's purpose for developing riding simulators was to provide a safe experience on simulated hazardous situations in mixed traffic which cannot be learned from lecture courses and practical skill training alone and let drivers to correctly understand the processes falling into such situations. Therefore, the foremost theme was how to practically reproduce the conditions of rider himself and surrounding situations changing moment by moment.

First Riding Simulator
First Riding Simulator in the World Mass-produced in 1996 after the Start of Development in 1988.
The outstanding feature of the simulator lies in the fact that equipped with the operating system such as throttle, brake, clutch and handling similar to an actual vehicle, it enables to take riding posture same as actual vehicle. Moreover, it will reproduce the operational responses of motorcycles in response to the operating inputs of riders. On a large screen monitor in front, a variety of traffic scenes which could happen in reality are displayed by computer through the roads, buildings and movements of other vehicles passing through them. It has also functions to continuously generate even the driving wind and the sounds of engines. It is made possible, so to speak, to reproduce on the simulator experiences very close to actual feeling of driving on public roads.
Basic Constitution
Basic Constitution
Reproduction of Traffic Environments
Reproduction of Traffic Environments


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